Why Spider Control is Important

Spider control is very important, especially in a country like Australia. Infestations can have dangerous results. Although a lot of residential arachnid species are largely non-poisonous, this doesn’t mean they’re completely safe. They can host a number of diseases. To add to this, their bite can usually be painful – even if they’re not venomous.

Types of Spiders

Whitetail spiders are one of the most common species in Australia, both in the southern and eastern region. They’re called as such because of the whitish markings on their tails, which extend up to their bellies. They can be as big as 28 mm, including the legs. Their bites are not generally infections. At most, they can cause discomfort. However, there are some cases where the wound has caused necrosis in the area.

Black house spiders are another common Australian arachnid. This breed doesn’t frequently bit, but when they do, they’re can cause extreme discomfort. Unlike their white-tailed relatives, they’re venomous. Reports show that victims experience painful welts and swelling. They show symptoms of sweating, giddiness, vomiting and nausea.

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Mouse spiders are a more dangerous breed. Also known as the Missulena, they can reach over 3 CM in size. These are more aggressive than the first two examples. This is alarming, considering they have a highly venomous and painful bite. They also have large fangs, which can make their cuts deep. They can be dangerous, especially for small children. One small bite will lead to hospitalisation to ensure the safety of the patient.

Unless you have a thorough knowledge of arachnids, it can be impossible to tell which type of spider you have in your home. You could be dealing with a non-threatening white tail or a highly dangerous Missulena. To add to this, going through the ordeal of a spider bite can be a harrowing experience.

The only way to keep yourself safe from these arachnids is to get your home regularly checked by a Gold Coast Pest Control company. This will prevent an infestation from happening. They can also properly identify which type of spiders you have in the premises.

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