Why DIY window cleaning is a bad idea

You would want to make a saving doing the window-cleaning job yourself. While there are some advantages in cleaning it yourself, several things could go wrong easily. This article helps you find out some of the pitfalls in doing the DIY window cleaning and pointers to why getting a professional cleaner do the work is the best choice.

Improper equipment and insufficient tools

You could be used to using commercial cleaners, towels, newspapers and such for cleaning the windows. However, there is more to cleaning windows than just mere spraying of a cleaning solution and wiping it off. Using paper towels and newspapers could leave your windows dirtier with dirt smeared all around and unsightly streaks. A professional cleaner has the right equipment such as the non-abrasive cleaners and water-fed poles that leave the windows sparkling.

Static buildup

When fiber based products are used the wrong way the rubbing involved attracts electrons and this results to static charges building up on the windows. These attract more dirt and would leave your windows even dirtier. Professional cleaners know the best methods and products to use, which would minimize static build-up, and leave your windows clean.

Scratching glass

There will always be stubborn stains like rust, paint, animal waste, vanish and such. If you do not know how to remove them well, you could use scrappers that would scratch the glass. Certain sponges and powder-based scouring products can easily cause irreparable scratches to the glass. To avoid all these rather costly endeavors, hire a professional window cleaner who will do a perfect job at an affordable fee.

Lack of expertise

Professionals know the right solution, the equipment and all that is needed to do thorough window cleaning. They know the precautionary measures to take when cleaning every type of window. Whether it’s tinted or with a window film, they know how to properly care for them. You could also be having specialty windows like storm windows, the expert would ensure ultimate care when cleaning and handling them because they can easily get damaged and affect their functioning. Without the experience, you could miss-handle specialty windows, thus inflict costly damage, and render them useless when you need them most.


You could do many other things when the Window Cleaning Ft Lauderdale professional is doing the window cleaning. You don’t have to bother with cleaning the windows when you that there is someone who comes to do the cleaning on a regular basis. You can use that time to do some other gainful work and with peace of mind.

Professionals will always be the best option especially when it concerns sensitive jobs like window cleaning. Do not push yourself too hard in doing it yourself when you could spend a little and get amazing results.

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