Why Are Bolted Steel Tanks Perfect For Your Storage Needs?

It is vital to comprehend that storage tanks are an indispensable part for most industries and businesses including agricultural operations, manufacturing, and processing sites and many more industries such as water treatment facilities, fire protection services, and water distribution systems.

You can use it to store numerous types of liquids or goods such as wastewater, non-potable water, drilling mud, food products and other material that you need for some specific need.

It is both reliable and cost-effective solution, and you will be able to install it in a matter of hours on your site without any additional hassle. So we can easily say that bolted tanks are a way better solution than choosing welded or real alternative.

Even though welded steel and concrete are reliable and durable, they are difficult to install, challenging to maintain and highly expensive when compared with a bolted counterpart.

Another great thing when it comes to bolted steel tanks is that they will be manufactured in a separated facility, and shipped and assembled on site with convenience. They will provide you with the same amount of strength as welded steel tanks, but with simpler maintenance and flexibility.

You Can Choose Wide Array Of Sizes

We all know that bolted steel tanks can come in various capacities that could range from thousand gallons to more than a million. You can design it to customize a specific operation you’re working with multiple heights, widths and other characteristics.

If your job site is limited, you can easily make tall and narrow bolted tanks that will provide you with a smaller footprint, or they can be broader in case that you have problems with vertical space. The design options are also customizable, and you will be able to order based on your preferences and needs.

Extremely Durable Solution

Since bolted steel tanks come from different individual sections, it is a piece of cake to maintain them wherever you are. Everything will be welded and finished in a controlled manufacturing facility by using high-quality stainless or galvanized steel and carbon that will meet both API and ASTM requirements.

Check this link: https://www.astm.org/Standard/standards-and-publications.html to learn more on ASTM requirements.

Carbon steel sections will also feature durable and strong epoxy powder coat finish that will inhibit corrosion, reduce electrochemical reactions and you will be able to get better coverage than on welded steel tanks.

Have in mind that each section comes bolted together so you will require appropriate gasket material so that you can add anything inside. You can add EPDM rubber as well as fasteners from stainless steel or carbon. That will provide you with additional protection against corrosion, leaks, and contamination.

You should encapsulate it with poly-based materials or install using neoprene washers that will reduce the strains and possibility to affect the content. These features will provide you with one of the most durable solutions when it comes to storage tanks that require minimal maintenance and features a long life cycle.

Simple To Repair and Maintain

 When it comes to field-welded steel tanks and concrete counterparts both of them will need frequent maintenance, and when they get damaged, you won’t be able to repair them with ease, but you will need special equipment that will help you weld the concrete.

On the other hand, bolted steel tanks require minimal maintenance, because they feature durable finish as well as reliable hardware and gaskets. They come from individual sections, so you can also repair individual parts.

In case that one section deteriorates or begins with leaking, you can disassemble that particular section and replace it without cutting and buying a new storage tank as before. That will ultimately minimize maintenance and labor costs, and you will get a storage solution that will feature long lifespan.

Simple To Install

When it comes to welded steel or concrete tanks, the installation and manufacturing processes are challenging and require lots of skilled labor, time and money. At the same time, these processes are subjected to delay due to weather issues and potential costs.

On the other hand, with bolted steel, you can manufacture everything off-site, and assemble it in a matter of hours with fewer labor costs and a minimal amount of time. The process can be finished without thinking on the type of weather, and you will be able to use it immediately after completion.

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