What To Look For When Buying Site Furnishings

If you want to establish the identity of your community, putting up a functional park and keeping it well maintained is of great help. And site furnishings play a crucial role when it comes to creating a dynamic social place conducive for interactions and engagements among the members of your neighborhood. This is why companies like Dumor continue to manufacture, research, and innovate products that can best equip parks and other civic spaces.

Types of Site Furnishings

From schools to streets, plazas to courtyards, medical centers to retail hubs — site furnishings have become an essential part of a public space designed to enhance people’s social participation. Below are some of the most common types of furnishings companies like Dumor manufacture:

Seating facilities like benches and chairs. These provide a place where people can relax, unwind, or converse with other park-goers.

Tables. These furnishings help enhance people’s park experience by offering ample and comfortable space that can be used for activities like eating or playing board games.

Shade structures. Structures that protect furnishings from the weather.

Signages. These features serve as a guide about park regulations and ordinances (e.g. Keeping off the grass).

Bollards. These structures aid in controlling the traffic within the public spaces’ premises.

Bike racks. An auxiliary feature people can use to safeguard their bikes while unwinding within the park.

Lighting equipment. More than the aesthetics aspect, lighting options like poles and in-ground lights to help people navigate through the park even after dark.

Trash bins and receptacles. These play the vital role of keeping a park clean and free from any waste.

Investing in High-Quality Furnishings: Things to Consider

Before heading over to your trusted supplier like Dumor to buy new or additional site furnishings, read about these things to consider first

Know your community. Keep track of the demographics of your community and observe the activities or hobbies they do in a public space. Are you catering to a huge population of bike lovers or runners? Do families with young kids often visit the area? Answer questions like these so you can accommodate a wide range of preferences. Further, ponder upon the layout and optimal orientation of the furnishings.

Look for furnishings that are functional and durable. Site furnishings are quite the investment. If you want to be cost-effective, look for benches and tables that aren’t prone to corrosion. And don’t discount the safeness of your facilities — never buy things that can pose danger to any age group (e.g. Benches or stools with sharp metal edges).

Pay attention to trash receptacles. One way to encourage people to keep the park clean is by placing trash bins in the right spots. Make sure they’re located in noticeable areas and are accessible to many people.

Don’t forget about the lighting. When choosing lighting fixtures, check out products in terms of functionality, quality, durability, energy efficiency, and of course, aesthetics. Know the size of your park and pinpoint where these fixtures should be strategically installed.

Think about environmental considerations. As site furnishings are put in an outdoor space, never forget to think about climate and environmental factors. Invest in furnishings that withstand even harsh weather conditions and consider installing shade structures to ensure better protection.

General Recreation Inc distributes Dumor in the states of New Jersey, Delaware, and some counties in Pennsylvania. If you need top quality site furnishing, contact us today!

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