What are the types of apartments available for rent?

An apartment is a self-contained unit in a residential real estate where no single unit can occupy the whole floor. Apartments are subdivisions of the entire building which are ready to be rented to holidaymakers or the public, and they can also be referred to as flats or units. Apartments have different amenities such as kitchen toilet and bathroom, and they should not be confused with commercial units. Some buildings have both commercial units and apartments with commercial units occupying the first floor or a couple of stories followed by studios in the remaining stories. Before you find apartments for rent carpentersville il, you should first know the different types of apartments to know which one suits you best. Below are those types.

Duplex apartment

These types of apartments are found where two units are joined in recent luxurious developments in reconfigured, especially in ancient buildings. The units are located on two separate floors joined by a private staircase. If you are searching for a luxurious place to live in with your family or by yourself, these are the type of apartments you should be looking for.


Before you acquire such an apartment, the building board interviews you and you must endure a laborious approval process because when you buy a co-op, you get some shares of the corporation that owns the building. You will have to pay monthly charges that cover the expenses the building is incurring and the larger the co-op you live in, the more the shares you own within the corporation.

Classic six

This is the ideal apartment for a person who has a relatively large family, and it is a comfortable place to live in since it has all the necessary amenities for a complete house. It has a living room, a maid’s suit that is commonly used as the children room or a home office, two bedrooms, a dining room and a kitchen. Most of them usually have a lobbyand at least two bathrooms.


These are luxury units located near or on the top floors of a high-rise building. People have come up with innovative ways of making it possible to have several penthouses in the top two to three stories by allowing for terrace space due to the roof design. In the ancient times, penthouses were structures located at the roof of the buildings. Anyone who loves the luxury that comes from having a view of the town or city especially at night would find such an apartment the perfect place to live.

One-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments

A one-bedroom apartment has a one true bedroom with enough space to accommodate a dresser and a bed. It also has a closet and a window. A two-bedroom apartment has two bedrooms which must have windows that open to a courtyard, street or garden, and it is separated with a door from the living space.

Having this knowledge now helps you to find the best apartment according to what you want. The above types serve different interests like for family or luxury purposes, and they also have different prices according to the space of the apartment and the building’s strategic location. They are commonly found in towns since it is more economical for people who do not have permanent jobs.

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