Turning Sheds into Your New Personal Space

Driven by the desire for more space, but with budget-friendly options, more homeowners are turning to sheds. Over the years, the idea of sheds has blossomed into hundreds of different creative styles, which can be assembled quickly and transformed into any type of shelter. Just take a look at Pinterest, and you’ll see how people are incorporating creative design elements to turn their sheds into personal space.

At first thought, a barn shed offers nothing more than storage, but a combination of cabinets, surfaces, and individual components are proving the possibilities are endless. This can become a showcase for durable shelters with customized features. Many people are transitioning into using this extra space in hundreds of other ways. Just think of any number of ways a shed can be used:

1. Creating A Loft

Because of high ceilings, barn style sheds offer the ability to build roomy loft space. Turning these sheds into a playhouse or even a quiet area for relaxation, away from the chaos of everyday life is certainly an option. Higher ceilings and walls also give you the advantage of building multiple rooms.

2. Office Space

If you have a business, a shed gives you the advantage of having separate office space, without the added expenses of renting traditional space. Entrepreneurs usually establish a room within the house as their home office, but an external shed can offer you more tax advantages.

3. Your Own Yoga Studio

Sheds make great yoga studios because you have a place of your own without distractions. This is a great solution for people who need solitude from crowded areas. Sheds can accommodate a large number of people, so inviting friends over to share yoga workouts is simple. And if you want to equip your shed with other fitness elements and start a professional yoga studio, it’s a lot cheaper than renting space.

4. Creating A Garden Shed

A garden could be a great place to show creativity, and this is a hobby for many. There are several ways in which this can be done. A professional can be hired, or one can simply go the DIY route, but if you’re considering a lot of customized features, a professional is better suited to handling the job.

Upgrading Your Shed

Sheds used for purposes other than storage are made with durability in mind. Mainly there are three types of commercially available sheds, wood, metal and plastic, but wood is the best material.

It can be modified in any design or shape you want and you can even paint it. There are some maintenance requirements for the wood, but it is quite feasible, and most of the experts are used to building high quality wooden sheds.

With the newest trends, the aesthetic appeal is of paramount importance. Today’s more modern designs incorporate the inclusion of solar panels, smart control devices like heating and air conditioning, and many other design features. Another popular approach to modernize these sheds is by including lots of windows and other elegant characteristics that you traditionally find in homes. Nowadays, you are only limited by your creativity.

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