Tips for Hiring a Cleaning Lady for Professional Cleaning

Small families and people living alone are often conflicted when it comes to cleaning. Is it better to take a few hours and do the job or hire someone to do it? The reality is that even what looks like minimal cleaning can easily eat off 2-3 hours of your weekend. In a world where every hour counts for family, career, and socializing, this is plain inconvenient. That is why hiring a cleaning lady is a popular choice when cleaning needs are not high. It frees up precious time for other priorities and doesn’t cost as much as engaging a cleaning crew. Here are a few tips on hiring cleaning lady Guelph services.

Get a recommendation

If you haven’t hired a cleaning lady before, the best way to go about it would be to get a recommendation from someone in your social circles or at the workplace. Ask someone with a matching profile (single or small family) and they are likely to know a good cleaning lady.

Ask for references

If you get cleaning lady Guelph services from the classifieds or online, ask the cleaning lady for 2-3 references. Ask them a few questions regarding her work e.g.

  • How long has she been working for you?
  • What kind of work does her for you?
  • How does she relate to kids/pets?
  • Would you recommend her to a relative or friend?

Plan your cleaning schedule

Good cleaners are always in demand. It is better to mark days when you would like cleaning done rather than do it ad hoc.  If there is a holiday coming up, know that the cleaning lady’s appointment list is likely to be full. Make your booking early enough.

Make a task list

Clear communication is crucial for the cleaning lady to get what you want to be done. The best way to go about this is to make a task list room by room. Do not leave out even the little tasks. This is because the cleaning lady has her own ideas of what should be done. This might not match with your assumptions which could lead to a misunderstanding. It is also crucial to know the limits of what the cleaning lady can do. If she is working alone, for example, it may not be possible to lift heavy furniture.

Leave her to it

When the cleaning lady comes to do the job, leave her to it. She is a professional who knows what is to be done.

Cleaning lady Guelph services can really save you time and offer convenience in keeping your home clean and tidy. Follow these tips for a successful hire.

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