The three best ways to customize your Cabinets

Building a base cabinet is not rocket science. But, if you are looking to buy one instead of making it from scratch, then, look for inexpensive and ready to assemble cabinets. However, if you are on a limited budget, then, shop for recycled building materials or ask kitchen remodeling experts to haul away your old cabinets.

Against the Wall Cabinets

Usually, stock cabinets have a fixed dimension. It, therefore, becomes relatively easy to mix cabinets from many sources. To set up a row of base cabinets, use a level to figure out the highest point of any slope. Then, fix the position of the first cabinet and shim the edges at the bottom. Attach trims to the toe kicks to conceal the gaps. You can then screw the back of the cabinet to the wall. Place the second cabinet next to the first one and flush at the top and front. Repeat the process for the remaining set of cabinets. One of the best custom base cabinets in Canada is designed by Cabinetapp, a well-known name in the business of cabinetry.

Sandpaper Storage Cabinets

Usually, cabinets have one or two shelves, but you may want to add more shelves for enhanced storage. You can start by purchasing a wide, ready to assemble the cabinet and drill it to add as many shelves as you want. Disassemble the screws and make the back of the cabinet free off the case. A hand board can be cut off to fit between the bottom and the top of the sides. Then, assemble the cabinet and cut out additional shelves. Insert shelf pins and replace the back of the cabinet.

Building Custom base Cabinets

To enhance the storage capacity of the cabinets, screw shelves to the sides, middle and back of the center. You can install pull out trays to bring the contents of them to you. Modify the tray plans below to fit the depth and width of the cabinet. Irrespective of whether it is a single tray or a stack of trays, pull outs can save the trouble of reaching out to the back of the cabinets. You can also replace the original doors of the cabinet with acrylic panel doors. Drop-down tray storage can also be attached to the back. Installation of such trays can make you feel that you have gained another shelf. The interior layout can be customized to organize the tools that you need.

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