The Most Common Mattress Myths That You Should Know

The first thing that you should remember when it comes to buying a new mattress is that you have to consider it similarly as car insurance. The idea is to compare prices and features from brand to brand, but the entire process could be challenging especially if it is your first time.

You can find a wide array of types from organic, latex, pillow-top, euro-top, which means that combinations are endless. Since buying a new bed is not a simple thing to do and you are not doing it frequently, you will have to think everything through before you make up your mind.

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However, when you check for various websites and blog posts online, you will find a wide array of information that will help you determine which one is the best for your particular requirements.

Therefore, before visiting store, you should understand what is truth and myth.

  • You Should Replace Mattress Every Eight Years

According to most studies by prominent figures in the world of beddings and sleeping, you should replace your mattress every seven to ten years depending on support and comfort.

However, the truth is different and varies from type to type, and it depends on the maintenance levels you performed and how you sleep on it as well. Therefore, the mattress is a performance gear that will help you enjoy in a good night sleep.

It is a similar analogy to running shoes that you are using for jogging because they can help you prevent injuries and run faster. Therefore, the supportive mattress can deliver you healthier, better and more enjoyable sleep.

Therefore, if two years passes and you notice that after each morning you feel sore and in pain, then you should avoid waiting for another eight years and try to make your sleeping much better than before.

  • Firm Mattress Is The Best One For Your Back

If you wish to minimize discomfort and pain and help your body enter regenerative sleep, you will need a mattress that will help you enjoy your favorite sleeping positions so that you can support every part of your body.

In general, soft mattresses are great because they will conform to your shape, but they will not provide you exceptional support for the entire body. On the other hand, medium-firm mattresses will deliver both comfort and conformability so that you can alleviate pressure point pain.

The third type of mattresses when it comes to firmness is very firm mattresses that will provide you a little conformability, but great support. However, due to the inability to enjoy additional comfort, it can also cause pressure point pain.

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  • When You Find Appropriate Mattress It Will Prevent Turning and Tossing

This is a stupid idea because, for instance, babies start to roll over in their sleep when they reach four months of age, and when we reach adulthood, we are moving at least 75 times a night. It does not depend on the type of bedding you feature.

The main idea of moving throughout the night is to reduce strain and stress on joints and backs. A good mattress will reduce the amount of moving throughout the night since it will provide you pressure point relief.

However, you will still move around during the sleep, even if you enter the healing REM sleep that will help you revitalize for the healthy morning.

  • It Has To Be A Perfect Fit

You will need months to adjust your body to a new sleeping surface, and that is a fact. Since we spend lots of time in our beds throughout our lifetime, it is not wondering that our joints and muscles will memorize the most comfortable spot on the mattress.

However, you do not have to purchase a mattress that will provide you comfort guarantee, because if you understand how everything functions, you will know that you will need at least a few months to get used to a new one.

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