The light of your own

Candle is important part of worship of every religion. Now candles are available according to your different needs whether you want candle for your any occasion, ceremony, party or many celebrations. You need different types of candles for different occasions. Now, there is a trend of using botanical candle in every occasions of your life. At an original product botanica distributor produces a large variety of botanical and spiritual candles in various categories.  These botanical candles are prepared from natural flowers, Vegetable and fruit including wax, perfume and other materials. This candle is amazing in look and comes in metal glasses or stands also.

So, if you are going to give someone a surprising party then for your wonderful place this wonderful candle will be fabulous. You know that candles are used in different kinds of works but do you know that candles are also used in magic. Yes, the candles are also used in magic and spell and other related operations. There are many candles used in spells such as hoodoo candle magic and occult candle. These are used in magical system. Candle is known as one of the parts of spell casting and magic. This candle magic is the most ancient skill of old magical practitioners.

Role of candle in magic

The candle in itself is the most peaceful tool and contains all the elements of the earth. The color of the candle also adds to the value of your home and brings its own energy and power. The color of canals like red, green, blue, yellow also represents the energy of young according to the ancient magical practitioners. White color is symbolic and can be used for any work in the place of other candle. This white color candle is also a symbol of purity. The candles also play an important role in everyone’s life and produce the light for you.  

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