The Importance of Employing a Professional Pest Control Company

There are very few people living in the world today who have not been faced with the prospect of clearing out a pest infestation. It happens to all homeowners at one stage or another.

Therefore, the question is not whether you will get a pest infestation or not. It is instead what to do when you find a pest infestation in your home. Succinctly stated, you have one of two options: Remove the infestation yourself, or contract a reliable Jackson pest control company to come and remove the outbreak of pests for you.

By way of deciding which option to take, let’s look at a simple case study or a real-life example that can occur. Additionally, this case study will prove that it is not a good idea for you to consider removing the pests yourself. It is far better to call the experts to get the job done for you.

Removing the Africanized Honey Bee: A case study

The African honey bee is an invasive species in the United States of America. Incidentally, it is also known as the Africanized honey bee or the Killer bee. It was initially produced by cross-breeding the African honey bee with European honey bees like the Italian honey bee.

Other relevant facts that you should be cognizant of is that the Africanized honey bee is very reactive and can be considered an aggressive species. In short, they swarm and attack very quickly. A swarm of bees can kill an adult man without too much trouble.

Furthermore, with the loss of the honey bee’s natural habitat, swarms of bees will move into any residential and garden spaces like house basements, roofs, and walls, as well as dead tree trunks that they can find.

Fortunately, it is fairly obvious to see when a swarm of honey bees has moved into your yard. There will always be quite a few bees flying around the entrance to their new hive. Bees are attracted to light so there can also be an increased number of bees flying around outside lights when it gets dark. If you leave house windows open at night, they will also gravitate towards the lights that are on inside the house.

As mentioned above, these bees are very reactive, so they will attack and sting their perceived enemies very quickly. Thus, should you walk near their hive, they will attempt to drive you away by attacking and stinging you.

Thus, goes without saying that you need specialised equipment and protective clothing to remove the hive. You cannot just walk up to the colony and chase the bees away. You will get badly stung. Also, because Africanized honey bees are an invasive species, they will need to be professionally exterminated to prevent them from feralizing or taking over the American honey bee hives.

Final words

It is important to remember that honey bees are an essential part of the reproductive cycle of many trees and plants. Because of the feralization of indigenous honey bee hives, the local honey bee is dying out. This, in turn, will affect food security. Finally, when faced with a colony of bees, it is vital to call an expert. They will know what to do to exterminate the invasive Africanized honey bee and protect the indigenous honey bee.

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