Spanish Villas – Modern or Traditional?

For decades the idea of a traditional Spanish villas conjures up images of a single-story building with small windows to keep out the sun and wrought iron guards to keep out would-be intruders. Inside, traditionally, rooms are smaller and usually designed to keep cool which can make them feel a bit dark and enclosing. While always popular, this is not everyone’s cup of tea! Many new villas, on detached plots as well as on the urbanisations mimic the traditional look but have modern features such as high ceilings and larger rooms – This can be the perfect balance for many. However, today buyers also have the choice of highly contemporary villas, which are perfect for those who want spacious, open plan designs with plenty of light and more often than not, amazing views!

Contemporary Living

Ultra-modern villas are quite the opposite to traditional designs. Without doubt, the phrase “let there be light” takes on a whole new concept! Advancing technology has changed the way architects approach their design concepts. Today’s villa usually incorporates large windows using sun-reflective glass which literally brings the outdoors, indoor. Open floor planning gives an accentuated feeling of space which is very different from the old, traditional style. Modern under floor heating, air conditioning and pensive consideration to use the light all year round has pushed villa design into the twenty-first century – Without doubt, these changes have created a whole new breed of exciting and contemporary villa designs.

Tradition and Modernity Unite

The Costa Blanca is one of the most popular areas to buy property with ex-pats and is a typical example of how the old and the new can blend together seamlessly. The old town remains pretty much as it always been. Property here is typical of traditional Spanish town house design. While many people have renovated these homes with great imagination and success, because they are usually back-to-back, opening them up spatially and getting in more windows for extra light can be tricky (if not impossible).

Arenal beach has become Javea’s modern centre. Here is where you will find the trendy cafe bars, restaurants and nightlife. The property here is primarily modern apartments, duplex and town houses with communal pools. The designs tend to be modern and spacious with most having a patio, terrace or balcony and a good selection are available with sea views. As you might expect, prices in this area are higher than in the old town.

Choices… Choices…

Contemporary, traditional or somewhere in-between. Whatever your idea is of the “perfect” Spanish villa, ultimately the choice you make will depend on your own style preferences and lifestyle choices. Some areas are densely populated with high-rise apartments while others are more traditional, historical and scenic – You will discover there are many different styles as well as many different price ranges (see more here). It’s your choice!

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