Seven Tips for Designing the Bedroom of Your Dreams

You must have been in a room that feels right. It could have featured simple designs that function well together. Designing a bedroom can be harder than it looks, especially if it has a bed taking up most of the space available.

If you are either remodeling or planning your bedroom from scratch, you can control and create a practical space that’s also stylish. A bedroom is one of the simplest yet important rooms in a house, and thus often overlooked.

A well-designed and efficient floor plan is one of the first steps to getting a bedroom of your dreams. Below are seven tips for designing the bedroom of your dreams:

Top 7 Tips to Designing Your Dream Bedroom


  • Clear Clutter and Use Luxurious Curtains


Your bedroom should be clutter-free and sleek. Remove anything in the room that doesn’t relate to its purpose for a clean look. Remove any additional seats, decorative accessories or desks. Make sleep the focus of your bedroom and nothing else.

Curtains can also function to add a layer of warmth to your room. Therefore, instead of using closet doors, consider using window treatment options available on the market for varied home interior designs. They can help make a large room feel cozy.


  • Layer Your curtains to Create a Certain Mood


Make your bedroom look complete using pimped-out bedding. Invest in bedroom accessories ranging from accent pillows to throw pillows and coordinating bed skirts for a luxurious, comfortable look and feel. When buying a bed, opt for a stylish yet inexpensive quality furniture you would love looking at whenever you are sleeping on it.

Your bedroom’s color can transform and help in setting a mood. For example, dark-chocolate, maroon or red walls can create a romantic mood in your bedroom. Don’t forget to make your bedding stay crisp and light on your bed.


  • Play with Paints and Go with Floral


If your bedroom is painted white, you could add some architectural art with paints. A blue paint can be used to create a chair rail that can help in making your room feel modern and inviting. Flowers can be used to cheer up a dull room. You can also decide to use wallpapers or even pick up fresh flower blooms in your outdoor garden for your bedside furniture.


  • Use the Right Lightings and Decorate with Wordings


A bedroom is recommended to have at least three light sources. Two could be bedside task lamps used for reading and a chandelier to add a touch overhead for sparkling lighting.

You can also use inspiring words such as relax, dream or sleep to help in promoting rest. Top your bedroom off with fluffy pillows and linens to reinforce those thoughts while in bed.

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