Selecting Fencing For Schools: What Really Matters

Schools should be a safe place for children to learn and it also functions as their second home. In many instances, schools have wide and open entrances and exits because it makes the area look bigger and less intimidating. However, metal fencing for schools is still a must to protect students from danger beyond as long as they stay behind the fences.

The choice of putting up exterior security measures on school grounds can be met with some controversy because fences look unwelcoming from the outside. Here are some factors worth considering before finally deciding on investing in metal fencing for the school:

Factor 1: Material And Safety

There are several choices for school fencing available, and all with their pros and cons. Wire fencing is very common because they are budget-friendly, but they aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing. Weld mesh is also another popular choice for school fences because they are affordable, easy to install, and do not block out the views entirely. However, weld mesh is easy to cut through, meaning it doesn’t provide ample protection.

Some schools choose to go all the way and put up walls as a barrier of protection. While this does keep intruders out, walls make the school feel more cramped and claustrophobic. Walls are also the most expensive form of added exterior security. Metal fencing for schools is a great solution because it is very durable, more affordable than a wall, harder to cut through, and does not obstruct the view.

Factor #2: First Impressions

The type of fencing of the school says a lot about the school, especially in the eyes of a parent. Wire and weld mesh fences do not look very sturdy and protective which makes parents second-guess the capability of the school in educating and protecting their children. A sensible option is the custom steel fence that looks very secure without looking too intimidating.

In fact, steel fences offer comfort without dread of being enclosed inside a building upon first glance. Schools with steel fences are generally seen as accommodating yet safe, the perfect balance for an educational environment.

Factor #3: Accessibility

Installing a fence around the school means there should be proper places for entering and exiting. This should be planned and designed well to ensure it does not cause any inconvenience to the students, their parents, as well as the school staff. There should always be an authority figure keeping a watchful eye at the entrances and exits to ensure safety.

Too many weak points make the protective fence useless, but too little can make it difficult to enter and exit the school. Take extra time to plan the design of the fence to avoid causing traffic when going in and out of the school premises.

Choose Wisely

When hiring a company to install metal fencing around the school, only work with a company that can be trusted to deliver the best results. Not all fences are equal in price, aesthetics, and functionality; make sure you choose the right one for the school.
Safety and security matter when you operate a school, be it a kindergarten or a senior school. Alltek Industries offers metal fencing for schools. Contact us for details.

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