Rubbish Removal London, Recycling and How Junk London Can Help Make it Easy

Just think of the size of London. We are a species of avid consumption and whilst many of us are getting better at rubbish removal in London, there is still a long way to go in terms of maximizing the opportunities for recycling.

Start small

People think, oh, recycling, that’s about having lots of different bins and boxes and then they decide that they have neither the time or the room to be bothered. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be complicated and the key is to start small. Don’t expect to become an expert at recycling over night.

Educate Yourself

When it comes to what you can recycle, common sense helps, for example, would you expect to recycle a polystyrene tray that was soiled with blood and the residue of the meat it contained, no. What about the solvent bottle with a skull and crossbones on, again no. There is lots of information online about recycling and wherever you live in London, your local council will be happy to tell you about recycling in your borough and how it fits in with recycling in the capital overall.

Room by Room

Consider each room in your home and think about what you can recycle. The kitchen is the obvious one: tins, bottles, clean food containers, packaging of all kinds (except polystyrene). What about the bathroom? Think of all those shower gel and shampoo bottles, deodorant cans etc. Toothpaste tubes aren’t recycleable, although the oblong cardboard boxes they come in are.

Recycling for Business

There are always lots of ways businesses can contribute to recycling, such as using recycled paper on your printers. Be a little more selective with what you do with your waste, put things that really can’t be recycled into sacks and look for a company who will undertake rubbish removal in London.

The Mayor’s Biochemical Programme

If you run a restaurant or take away, up into the Mayor of London’s biochemical programme. The aim is to turn your used cooking oil, greater and fats into biochemical fuel with which to power the city’s fleet of buses.

Get the Professionals In

Lots of rubbish removal companies operate in the capital. If you want the largest and the best, go to Junk London, they respond amazingly quickly and will arrange for rubbish removal in London and the Home Counties at a time to suit you. Junk London hate rubbish, their staff are highly trained and fully licensed and the company is accredited under CHAS and IS09001; Junk London are not some fly-by-night company who will fly tip you waste on greenbelt.

When it comes to Rubbish Removal in London, Junk London are is the case. It doesn’t matter if you have sorted the contents of your cellar or loft out but can’t get the waste to ground level, Junk London operatives will do it for you. Even if there is waste scattered over your business premises, allotment or large garden, they will collect it for you.

Make a Start Today

Irrespective of whether you are a singleton, a couple, a family or a business, start your recycling today. Get everyone on board, there will be all types of little incentives you can think of to get your employees on board, and as for your children, make each child who is old enough a champion for recycling a particular product, an extra pound or two in their spend doesn’t hurt either. Agreed, you aren’t going to change the world overnight, but if everyone recycled one can or bottle more than they do, it would make a huge difference.

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