Rollers are on a roll

Rollers are used everywhere-whether it is at the office or at home. The Major reason for this trend is that rollers spell security and safety, whether the premises are commercial or domestic.

Roller Shutters for domestic purposes

Domestic shutters are usually in the form of a window or a door shutter. They consist of several horizontal slats which are joined by hinges. Roller shutter installation in London can be done with amazing ease.

The pros of installing a domestic shutter


Statistics reveal that the crime is on the rise and the trend is catching on in places which were once considered to be safe. Needless to say that investing in a good quality roller shutter should be your top priority to ensure the safety of your valuables and the security of your loved ones.

Free from the solar trap

The strong rays of the sun can heat up your home as the normal window glass traps the heat and doesn’t let it escape out of the house. With roller shutters, the heat will be kept out in summers. In winters, the heating mechanism of the house will be more effective as the heat once produced will be prevented from escaping out.

Natural light

Whether you want to have your rooms filled up with the bright rays of the sun or you want the rooms to be dimly lit, roller shutters once again come to your rescue. You can roll them up or down according to your need.

Keep way the peeping toms

You will be ensured of enjoying your privacy when you take up the wise decision of installing the roller shutters. Houses near the streets and the ones not surrounded by the boundaries can prevent the nosey people from peeking inside.

Shut out the banter

If you live near a busy street or you want to live in a peaceful environment, Roller shutters are again to your advantage as they block out about 50%of the noise. Domestic roller shutter in London offers protection from heat, light as well as sound.

Protection from the raging storm

Apart from the above, the roller shutters offer a high level of protection from the storms. High-intensity storms can wreak havoc on your property. Normal windows can be easily broken by them and any such situation renders the interior of the houses exposed to further damage. The rainwater can also come inside and cause damage to your property. Such damage can be very high as far as the cost factor is concerned. The high-speed winds are not going to leave your window glass pane in one piece. They can shatter easily when the strong and high speed winds rage near your house. So before the storms leave your house in ruins, it will be a smart move to install the roller shutters.

Bushfire threat

If your area is prone to bushfires, roller shutters will prove to be a boon as the shutters put up a strong layer of resistance which even the double glazed window panes can’t.

Decrease Insurance premium

If you have installed roller shutters, the insurance company might lower the premium you have to pay for your house insurance as they will consider your house at a lower risk from fires, storms, and burglary. You can inquire about their special schemes for houses with roller shutters.

Add to your house’s aesthetic value

With a wide range of designs and colors, you can choose from, installing the shutters will add a style statement to your house, thereby increasing its appeal and will also add to the value if you decide to put it for sale.


Shutters are an invaluable investment, they not only make your house safe and secure, and they prove indispensable as they offer a wide range of benefits which one can’t compromise on.

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