Promote redevelopment process reducing negative impact

Referring to the environmental site assessments, many customers have doubts as this process is new. It is understandable, yet many have questions regarding the process and wish to know as they buy a Phase I ESA. They wish to know if a mold inspection will be included in this site assessment. This is a common doubt and people looking at Phase I also consider the environmental other forms such as lead, mold or asbestos inspections.

Fortunately, as the process is broken down, it is simple to understand than anyone can imagine. It is same as other consultants and so having details about Phase I ESA ensures everyone involved about a positive outcome.

The EIA, environmental impact assessment addresses two contamination types and the first addresses the materials to be removed owing to the activities of planned construction. For instance, if a foundation is placed in contaminated soil or on the surface there is waste heaps, it means these must be cleared for the structures and landscaped. Second, is to remediate or remove the hazard to safety and public health causing due to environmental impact or even for common good. The examples also include the ground water contamination that may threaten the health of the society owing to water supply. Even highly contaminated materials are to be remediated using the microbiological methods as they lie under the foundations. In fact, even the hazardous substances may pose a risk when close to surface owing to direct human contact or dust ingestion.

The initial redevelopment and remediation plans are best done after performing an EIA. This is because the EIA takes into consideration the baseline of the environment of a site such as test environnemental Groupe Ortam remediation and does the required assessment, investigation and checks the site. It analyzes the impact of the environment of the planned redevelopment on the surrounding jurisdictions and neighborhood.  The legislation is strict in most countries and tries to avoid any negative impact on people. However, the issue is that it is less clear about the environmental impacts to be reduced. The activities of technical investigation related to EIA are identical to the initial investigations for the site audit done about environment.

In fact, the information acquired at the initial phase may be used for EIA. The remedial is that the gaps should be closed if it is left open due to the new aspects. However, these may be addressed by supplementary investigations.

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