Perfect Prefabricated Granite: Great Choice for Countertops

Granite is a great choice for countertops in the home in the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms because of its unique appearance and incredible strength – but what some homeowners might not know is that prefabricated granite can sometimes be a better choice than granite slabs.

Many designers have used natural stone granite to build countertops, but this can be an expensive process as the much-sought after material is cut specifically to the requirements of each project. One way to significantly cut the budget is to use prefabricated, pre-cut pieces of granite that already have three of the four sides finished, making installing quicker, cheaper, and less stressful.

Prefabricated granite retains most of the same benefits as regular granite, including its strong resistance to scratches and heat damage. It’s also incredibly easy to clean with soap and water, and that’s why it’s among the most popular choices in heavily-used places like bathrooms and kitchens.

Some designers prefer to stick with original granite slabs because there are slightly more options in terms of appearance. However, prefabricated granite still comes in a very large range of colors and different styles, which means that it should always be an option when considering using granite for countertops in the home.

Bathrooms can really benefit from prefabricated granite, with one option to use white countertops speckled with gray and black. This light look can contrast nicely with darker wooden bathroom cabinets, and the ease of cleaning granite makes it a great choice for a room where water’s flowing.

However, prefabricated granite is most popular in the kitchen, and a great choice for countertops is to use a light brown granite with specks and streaks of other shades of brown and black. This pairs wonderfully with similarly lightly-colored brown kitchen cabinets for a warm, inviting room.

Or maybe the kitchen project calls for a simpler, starker contrast of colors – and prefabricated granite works well here too. Black and white is a popular pairing of colors, so consider using a solid black granite prefabricated countertop with hints of gold, silver, brown, green and gray. This could contrast with bright white cabinets and appliances for an eye-catching kitchen design.

If contrast isn’t the approach that the home warrants, then using the same color for both the countertops and fixtures and fittings can be a nice alternative. Consider using a white prefabricated granite countertop with streaks of gray and flecks of red to create a bright, inviting design.

Yet another choice is to take prefabricated granite pieces mixing yellow, white, and gray for a warm and stylish design that is a flexible type of appearance that works just as well in a modern-styled room with sleek gray steel appliances or in a rustic kitchen with hardwood floors.

As the above examples show, prefabricated granite can be used to fit many design projects in several different types of room throughout the house – and with the same resilience and ease of cleaning as regular granite slabs, but at a lower cost.

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