Never Ignore Woodworm or Timber Rot Issues

Please don’t make the mistake of believing that wood rot or a woodworm infestation will magically disappear with a new season or that the pest will die off. Assumptions could cost you more than you imagine.

When left unaddressed, timber rot and woodworm, alone or combined, can bring considerable structural integrity risks, compromise health and safety, insurance and maintenance contracts.

Wet rot requires 50% moisture levels, dry rot needs 20% moisture and woodworm enjoy damp and cool timber, so if you have a ventilation or drainage issue, beware.

Woodworm bore into the timber and consume its natural cellulose content for the 2-5 years spent as larvae and pupa whilst timber rot is caused by airborne spores embedding themselves in woodwork. They fruit and spread fungi.

As the fungi or woodworm dine and live in the joists, beams, flooring, furniture and window frames which hold the property together, it is imperative that you make regular preventative inspections to ensure there are no issues, and act on suspicions at the earliest instance.

Call in specialists like the outstanding team at Thames Valley Timber Treatment, who offer swift and comprehensive service from survey to treatments, possess extensive knowledge, experience and qualifications and are licensed to use products unavailable in the public domain. Woodworm treatment and wood rot services have 30 years guarantees.

Woodworm treatment specialists appreciate that woodworm don’t migrate habitually. If one timber is infested this does not lead to treatment of every timber. Specific and strategic timber preservation work is highly desirable so that remedial work is unnecessary.

If you’re not convinced about the ramifications of leaving woodworm and wood rot problems untreated, please read about this case in Ireland, covered by RTE. It should change your mind. Inaction is not an option.

The 210 years old Church of St. James’s in Dingle, Ireland, is faced with a €500000 (over £450000) bill for woodworm treatment and wood rot services.

Reverend Phyllis Jones told RTE that the problems in the church needed to be addressed urgently as the building has suffered from significant deterioration in recent years.

Engineers have surveyed the building and essential structural repairs will cost €300000.A further €200000 is needed to repair and install new furniture and provide modern facilities.

She hopes that funds can be raised by securing grant assistance and through a major fundraising campaign. Reverend Jones is launching the fundraising by walking 116km on the Camino to Santiago de Compostella, Spain.

The Church of St. James was built in 1808 on the site of an earlier medieval church, erected by Spanish merchants who lived locally.

The church has a small congregation but it’s internationally renowned as a pilgrimage location and the intimate venue for the Other Voices music series.

“We have a duty to preserve this beautiful church for the entire community. It’s an iconic church, with a rich history and it would be a terrible shame not to carry the church in to the next century.” Said Reverend Jones.

You may not have to preserve a landmark but please take wise care of your property.

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