Moving Tips: How To Get the Best Help With Rubbish Clearance

Did you know it’s moving season? It’s true. The peak moving season is always right around the first of June. Moving men know they’ll be busy this time of year and so do rubbish clearance services. For families, this time works well because the kids will be out of school on holiday, and if they’ll need to switch schools, the new school year is the best time to do it. There’s usually better weather and more daylight hours to work with too so let the moving season begin!

The following tips will help you know how to get the best type of help with your rubbish clearance when moving.

Plan Ahead

It’s always best to downsize as much as possible BEFORE you move! This way, you won’t be burdened with hauling your rubbish clearance to your new place and you’ll be less likely to bin something important while in a rush. An easy way to get rid of junk and other waste removal is to call Clearabee and order one or more Beebags.

Once you order your Beebags, they’re shipped to you via the regular post in a flat package. You simply open them up to form a portable temporary open skip that can be used inside or outside! They come in several sizes too. You can fill them as you clean out your various rooms, your garage, and you garden.

You can leave them in place right where you filled them and then call Clearabee to schedule a time for them to pick them up. It’s super convenient because you don’t have to carry anything heavy to the alleyway or street. You can also wait until you’re finished before calling for Clearabee to retrieve the filled beebags and leave that time frame opened ended if you’re not exactly sure when that will be.

What To Do With Large Items

Do you have white goods, furniture, swing sets, or other large rubbish clearance items you’ll no longer need or want after the move? If so, these items can be a bear to haul to the waste transfer station or attempt to sell. How many people actually want to buy an old washing machine that leaks or a broken swing set that might not be safe for their children? Usually, you can’t even give that stuff away!

We have good news! In almost all cases, Clearabee can clear large items at a very affordable rate! Best of all, unlike the council services, they will accommodate YOUR schedule, not the other way around! They’ll even let you set up a narrow window of time when you want them to come and they’re known for being punctual. This can be a major advantage if you’re working around a tight schedule and or if you need to use an old appliance or old furniture right up until the last minute.

Remove Some of the Emotion Of Getting Rid of Things

Moving can be an emotional time. You’re leaving a place you’ve called home for a while and moving to unfamiliar grounds. There’s also the emotion sometimes of having to part with certain things, like a tree you planted into the garden that can’t be dug up, or a large item that just won’t fit in your new place. What can make getting rid of items even more emotional is the the horrible thought that they’ll be headed to the landfill to rot away for decades, even centuries!

Clearabee can help ease these emotions by finding a better home for your rubbish clearance than the landfill! You should know that Clearabee is able to  reuse, upcycle, or recycle about ninety percent of all the rubbish they collect! While this isn’t perfect, it’s the best recycle/reuse rate in all the UK and one of the highest in all of Europe! You know that old washing machine that leaks… they can take it to a place that will fix the problem and then resell it to someone who can’t afford a new one, sometimes to help a charity. That old carpet that you want to throw out… it can be broken down into raw materials that can then be used to make brand new items! That’s a lot easier on the heart strings than imagining your stuff rotting in a landfill.

Final Tip

Waste removal is one of the biggest challenges when moving. It can put a lot of extra stress on top of a situation that is already innately stressful! If you call Clearabee and discuss with them the type of rubbish clearance you’ll be needing to remove, they can help devise a plan that will be the easiest and most economical for you. This can save you from getting a migraine during your move and keep peace in the family!

Also, if something unexpected comes up last minute with your rubbish clearance needs, don’t worry! Keep Clearabee’s number handy and give them a call to explain the situation. They are very flexible and aim to please. In most areas, you can actually schedule a same day man and van booking.

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