Make your surrounding healthy with eco painting

Eco paints are nothing but the type of color you use in painting. They are made up of natural ingredients such as clay, milk protein, citrus and balsam. Eco paints contain fewer chemical products which are hazardous to your health. Thus, you can use the eco-friendly paints for your residential and commercial buildings. They contain low level of volatile organic compounds which are the toxic fumes. You can see the effect of conventional paints on your paint brush. Bristles of the paint brush get dry and fall away easily due to the chemicals used in the paint. Hence, many people in Toronto, consider getting eco-painting done to protect their constructions from damages due to chemicals in paints.

The best painting company in Toronto generally uses green paints. They know the consequences of using conventional paints so they suggest for eco-paints to their clients. Conventional paints contain heavy metals which often create serious health issues. Green paints are easily available in the market. This type of paint is manufactured by recycling the natural raw waste materials.

Make your own eco-paints at home

Boil sugar, water, salt, white vinegar, baking soda and white flour, this mixture helps to create green paint. These are steps to create green paints at your home for individual painting purpose on canvas and your bed room wall.  Some of the paint brands are also there which offer a range of chemical free paints for getting the attractive and colorful looks on the walls.

Pros of eco painting

  • Eco paints are biodegradable. They do not contain the compounds like naphthalene, benzene and toluene. Common components of natural paints are seed oils, bee wax, and many others. Less toxic substances used in natural paints cause less negative impact on the environment and it is good for human health. It is suitable for children’s health also.
  • Chemical paints are very costly as compared to the eco paint. It is cost effective and does not release any kind of odor or fumes.
  • It provides efficient painting because of its enhanced ability of color retention and viscosity. Life span of eco-paints is long lasting with great paint quality.
  • Newborn babies and older people sometimes suffer from breathing problem due to toxic smell of the chemical based paints. Eco paints do not cause such smell which makes the air fresh. The water resistance capacity of eco-friendly paint is also good.

If you want to enjoy the eco-friendly way of living then applying the eco-friendly paint is a good option. Eco-paints enhance the durability of the property hence they are becoming more and more popular these days.

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