Lava Lamps – The Lesser-Known Secret to Internet Security

The same lava lamp that creates mesmerizing swirls of colors in your bedroom is the same thing that powers one of Google Company’s encryption system. You might think it’s unheard of and even weird for a tech company to rely on lamps for security, but the truth is, these lava lamps make the perfect encryption keys that no smart computer can match.

But Google should be good at this, right? It’s a giant tech company in Silicon Valley! Apparently, Google has one of its enterprises called Cloudflare, which handles some of the biggest names in the industry – Fitbit and Uber, along with other 6 million websites on the internet. Cloudflare services 10% of the internet.

Cloudflare’s Wall of Lava Lamp

When you visit Cloudflare’s headquarters in San Francisco, California, you’ll see that it’s full of computers. After all, that’s what the company is all about – provide DDoS protection, firewall security, reverse proxy and content delivery. But if there’s one thing will catch anybody’s attention, it would be Cloudflare’s wall of 100 lava lamps.

At first glance, one might think that the lava lamps are there as decorative pieces. However, the wall full of lava lamps has a more significant purpose – to create encryption based on randomness.

Lava Lamps’ Random Movements for Internet Security

Lava lamps consist of two main ingredients – water and oil, which have almost similar densities but are insoluble from one another. They don’t mix up. A light bulb installed at the bottom of the lamp is the heat source. When the heat is on, one of the ingredients expands and rises to the top portion of the lamp. It cools down, then moves to the bottom part, and then heats up once again. All of this happens in slow motion, creating a beautiful slow movement that goes on and on.

The lava lamps movements are all random. In the field of internet security, it is essential to create bytes and codes that are hard to predict. But since the computer is a machine that’s all about precision, the encryption system could fail and become vulnerable to outsider attacks. Simply put, when you use a weak, predictable password, it’s easy for someone to hack and log into your accounts.

All of those 100 lava lamps in Cloudflare move uniquely and randomly without any discernable pattern. A wall-mounted camera is positioned to capture images of the movement, and then those images become an encryption key. When you put all of those keys together, it becomes difficult to predict and hack into the Cloudflare’s system.

Seeing Lava Lamps in Different Light

If you’re used to seeing lava lamps as just lamps that light up a small space all the while being decorative, this innovation will make you realize that there’s more to these lava lamps than meets the eye. This is an exciting piece of knowledge that will make us realize that even the trivial things inside our homes like lava lamps, can serve a higher purpose for the humanity.

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