Know The Different Types Of Natural Fibre Rugs

Explore your knowledge about rugs and know some of the types of natural fibre rugs! Every homeowner can relate with the fact that arugs are the gist when it comes to enhancing the looks of  interior and exterior of their houses. Most of that, rugs are great piece of fibre that ensures utmost comfort to the feet. Also, keep your house floors well-maintained eliminating the emergence of stains and cracks on the floor.there are mainly two types of rug-synthetic and natural-fibre rug. However, most homeowners love to buy natural fiber rugs that comes with enormous benefits and even affordable.

Natural fiber rugs such as cotton rugs, jute rugs, hemp rugs are made from plants and other natural resources such as cotton, wool, jute and many more. Every material is known for its individual speciality and quality that can be seen in some of the rug types. If you want a durable yet soft rug, then cotton is the material that offers such properties. If you want a sturdy and rustic look, jute is the best name to provide such elements. Anyways, here are some of the different natural-fibre rug type:

  • Hemp rugs

The hemp is obtained from the cannabis plant. This is a plant that easily grow in any climate or terrain. You will love the linen-like texture that even gets softer over the time. That’s why  they are brought into use of making rugs.  Also, Hemp rugs have got the beautiful design, durability and quality. They are not dyed, they have got beautiful natural color.

  • Wool rugs

The wool is processed from the furs of the sheep. It is known for utmost warmth, softness and durability. Although, it’s a non-allergenic product, but can be specified for someone who has got sensitive skin. It is also great for traffic areas . the wool rugs are woven with different patterns and shapes.

  • Seagrass rugs

Seagrass is grown underwater, it has got the resilient power to withstand any element even in the atmosphere. Thus, it is used to make beautiful and durable rugs that is the need of every homeowner. Whether you want a rug for the high-traffic area or you want it to give a beautiful home decor, seagrass rugs are the great name for your requirements.

  • Jute rugs

Although they are not durable like other natural rugs, Jute rugs are very comfortable and beautiful. They can be used in areas which do not have a lot of traffic. Jute is also a great renewable source material.

  • Cotton rugs

Cotton is known to be naturally hypoallergenic and very resistant to any dust-mites, meaning that your family will be free from allergies. It is also very easy to dye and even weave. Although it’s soft just like wool, it is not as durable. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use a cotton rug, however it’s best to fix them in areas which do not have a lot of traffic.

  • Silk rugs

As the name suggest, it looks good! It is soft! It is comfortable! Thanks to rug companies who artistically process this natural resource to bring out a perfect and vibrant design that can suit any home decor whether it’s traditional or contemporary. It is non-allergenic and even eco-friendly.


Central Asian rugs such as afghani rugs and persian rugs are the great names when it comes to opting a natural fiber rug. Although, you will find synthetic rugs are taking the monopoly nowadays, natural-fiber rugs are ever lasting and always demandable.

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