How to make moonshine with mint?

Mint is a very popular plant. It is added to usual and medical teas, often used in medicines, in cookery. It has a unique coldish aroma and extremely pleasant taste. Mint moonshine is the drink which is very invigorating and besides curative. If you like Mojito cocktail and you prefer homeopathic remedies for the prevention and treatment of diseases, you should try one of these recipes. And you should also try to use alcohol distillers.

A drink will have a pleasant yellowish-greenish shade, delightful sourish and sweet taste and the invigorating aroma. You will need:

  • strong moonshine of double distillation (40 °–45 °);
  • limes — 4 pieces;
  • fresh or dried mint— 15 leaves;
  • sugar or fructose — 60 gram (more to taste is possible).

It is necessary to remove a dried peel from limes and grate fruits. Mint should be ground in a mortar with sugar and filled up with alcohol. It is possible to add the juice of 1 lime in addition to acidify drink. Mix the drink several times and then infuse it for 3 days. After that it is desirable to filter the product and infuse it for 5 more days. It is possible to filter Mojito and use the drink to improve your health. Also you should use good stills for this purpose

Advise: it is possible to use both fresh and dry leaves and stalks to prepare mint moonshine. It is desirable to prepare it from the plant that has no flowers — it’s more fragrant. It’s better to dry mint in the dark.
It is the ancient recipe of tincture of moonshine based on peppermint.

Mint leaves

It is also useful to have a cup of this drink when it is cold. You will need:

  • pure moonshine with a strength of 40 ° — 1 liter;
  • fresh mint leaves — 100 grams;
  • fennel seeds — 40 grams;
  • dried juniper berries — 10–15 grams;
  • ground cinnamon;
  • Sugar to taste.

It is necessary to keep all the herbs and spices in alcohol for at least 2 weeks, it is better to add sugar after filtration. This tasty spicy tincture will be surely estimated by your friends and relatives; it is really very curative and invigorating

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