How to Deal with Pests in the Office

Pests in the workplace do cause some level of discomfort; thus, you need not be concerned. Matters can actually go worse as pest control in the office can be associated with pest control at home. When pests find a place they can stay at in your office, they can easily get along with you at home—they can be carried through  your briefcase or even your clothes. Some of the well-known office pests are the cockroaches, rodent and the bedbugs. Cockroaches like feeding on paper, paste, glue books and food that have been discarded by humans. Bedbugs like being under beds and even in mattresses. Rodents are other dangerous pests to have in your office. However, some other pests are very small, and they can easily crawl or fly in your office without your consent. The following are tips on how you can deal with these pests in your office:

  • Identify and eliminate Problem area

First, it is critical to always be checking places in the office where these pests are likely to gather. Trash cans and kitchen are critical areas where these pests like to gather because of plentiful food sources and water. You need to look around all the furniture and ensure that there is no nesting activity. Knowing the pests you are up against is the first step to applying the best treatment and control. Some pests can get into the office using the front door and hide in cracks in the pipes and walls. In such cases, you need to use foam insulation and caulk to cover crevices and holes that might be a home for pests and also make a point of reporting this to the office manager.

  • Eliminate the clutter

A cluttered office will always make you unproductive and less motivated. On the other hand, it is likely to become a home of pests. Disorganized storage areas and leaving food on your desk overnight will always attract cockroaches and bedbugs. To prevent such issues in the office, food should only be found in the kitchen, put in the refrigerator, or sealed in containers instead of just keeping them in the wastebaskets.

  • Spread the word

To keep the office clean, you need to involve all your colleagues. Everyone in the office needs awareness on pests and the many ways in which they get into the office.

  • Don’t spray pesticide you brought from, home

Sometimes you may be tempted to spray the pests in the office. However, even though you think a certain product is not toxic, spraying chemicals inside the office is not really a good idea. Some of these sprays may end up causing you nausea, coughing, and eye irritation.

  • Bring in pest management specialist

Regular inspection by pest specialists is important in avoiding pest invasion. Trained pest management professionals have the necessary expertise and equipment to locate problem places and ensure prevention against future pest invasion in the office. Find a Vancouver pest control company to get your problem solved.

The office should be a neat and organized space, and to maximize productivity, all unnecessary distractions—especially unwelcome pests– should be wiped out.

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