How to Achieve a Warmer Bathroom

At some point in your life, you have experienced the bathroom blues. It is that jolt you always feel when your feet touch a cold bathroom floor and the sharp gasp you encounter as you step out of your shower. Do not allow bathroom blues to get you and your family this year since there are a lot of wooden toilet seats, budget-friendly hacks and serious solutions to help you. These simple, practical and stylish ideas will help you keep your bathroom warm.

Install Heated Towel Rails

Stepping out of your shower or bath straight into toasty towels courtesy of the heated rails helps to keep you warm. Heated towel rails also have the ability to keep your bathroom warm, especially when your bathroom is small. Once you have dried yourself and gotten dressed, you need to place your damp towels on the heated rails.

This ensures that your towels are dry and ready for your next trip to the bathroom. Currently, you can get towelling rails with two or more energy-efficient heated bathroom rail options. You can get the electric units with the intelligent automatic heating technology and eco-friendly hydronic heated rails that are powered by the solar-generated hot water and the solar-powered circulation pump that results in zero running expenses.

An automatic heating technology includes a built-in thermostat that automatically responds to changes in temperature and activates the internal switches which control the heated towel rails using the intermittent electricity. It also ensures that there are optimum operating temperatures.

Allow Natural Light into Your Bathroom

One of the best ways to keeping your bathroom warm is to install wooden toilet seats and allow natural light in. You should also keep the warm air inside your bathroom using heavy or thermal curtains. These curtains not only help to accent your bathroom décor but also prevent more heat from escaping.

You should always leave your curtains open, especially during the day and close up for the night. If you are available in your house the whole day, do not open them up until when the sunlight is directly on your bathroom’s window. When the sunlight moves away, you need to draw the curtains again. One way to sealing, thermal curtains snugly against your walls is with magnetic curtain clips.

Turn up the Heat

Let’s say, for example, you are planning to renovate your bathroom, then you should consider an underfloor heating unit or system. It will save our space since each component is hidden away underneath your bathroom floor. This technique is also very effective since the heat rises up the floor warming up the entire room.

It also helps to reduce the incidence of mould and damp. Install your heating pads where you will be standing while in your bathroom. You can place them in front of your mirror and vanity where you step out of the shower and bath or where you get dressed. If you are not ready for this unit, you can request your electrician to install for you a bathroom-safe heater.

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