Getting a Spa Feel from Your Shower Enclosure

A shower enclosure can serve as a relaxing getaway from the busy lives we live, even if for a brief moment.  You can step out refreshed, ready to start your day. When renovating a bathroom many people want more than functionality.  In the past shower enclosures were mostly framed, this was meant to prevent water from exiting the shower enclosure. However some homeowners are now deciding that these look dated and their limited flexibility holds back design options.  They want to create a clean, calming and aesthetically pleasing space they can escape to from their hectic lives. With a professionally installed shower enclosure it is possible to create a luxury spa feel, in your own home! No matter the size of your bathroom.

Many modern houses now have small bathrooms, so homeowners are looking for ways to maximise their space.   If there is not sufficient room for a bath tub, getting more from your shower may be of interest.

A professional installer can help you to get the most from your investment, choosing the right size, shape and door etc..  Many frameless options are custom made to fit, allowing for unique styles and designs unlike any other.

Choosing Your Style of Shower Door

Framed – These enclosures feature framed sheets of glass, usually made from steel or aluminium

Frameless – A popular option for their easy clean properties, frameless enclosures let in plenty of light and create the illusion of a larger space.    They offer a sleek, stylish look providing an appearance that wouldn’t look out of place in a luxury spa.

Semi-frameless – These enclosures feature a metal border above the door with no other framing.  It’s just a design choice really.

Swing doors – Made for easy access in and out of the shower.

Bi-fold doors – These doors open into the shower instead of swinging out. They are a good option where space is limited.  

Sliding – These enclosures have a large door opening space making it easier to get in and out of the shower.  They are usually installed in a rectangular shape and offer a streamlined look.

Wet room – If you have the space a larger enclosure, or wet room offers an elegant style with large glass panels and discreet brackets to hold the glass in place.

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Eastern Glass & Shower Door have been installing shower doors and enclosures of all shapes, sizes and styles for more than 30 years.  They are experts in the manufacture and installation of quality glass products for homes and businesses.

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