FAQs about rattan furniture

Rattan Furniture are great pieces of furniture sets from www.gardencentreshopping.co.uk/garden-furniture-sets that you can use with indoor as well as outdoor locations. Rattan furniture is made using wood which is long lasting as well as looks attractive. Those people who don’t know much about this furniture can prefer to consider www.gardencentreshopping.co.uk/blog/faqs-synthetic-rattan-furniture these Rattan Furniture FAQs for their better considerations.

What is Rattan?

Rattan is the strongest as well as the most durable wood that is used to make furniture. Rattan grows vertically just like other trees, but it is very flexible and can be bent into any shape. You can bend the wood in any shape and make it remain in that same position for some time. Rattan has the ability to maintain that shape forever. A circle made of rattan wood will remain in circular position for longer period of time as compared to any other wood and this is the main reason why this wood is used for making furniture.

Can the furniture be left in open garden?

Yes, the rattan furniture can be left in the open garden directly without any kind of protection. Rattan wood is very durable and can withstand every season whether it is summer, winter, rainy, or spring season. The rattan furniture will remain unaffected in direct sunlight, rain, snow, frost and many other harsh weather conditions. The cushions that come with furniture needs care and protection as they can get damaged with these atmospheric conditions.

How to clean the furniture?

This furniture requires very low maintenance and can with stand any climatic condition. But they do get dirty with dust and debris present in air and surroundings. This type of furniture is easy to clean. You can take a damp cloth and wipe the furniture with it. This will remove all the dirt that is present on the furniture. If there are some stains on it, try cleaning it with mild soap.

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