Enhance your mails by switching to smart mailboxes

Traditional mailboxes were of great importance to the soldiers when there were no mobile phones and smart phones. As the technology has advanced, new products are launched every day so mailboxes have also turned into smart mailboxes running on IOT (Internet of Things) named Smart IoT mailboxes. The features of a smart mailbox can be controlled from your smart phone by making an account. The notification of new mails comes to your phone and you have to visit the machine to check your mails.

Companies are available which provide installation services of this device in your area. The door of this machine works on hand sensor and opens by sensing your hand. Hence, your mails are secured and cannot be taken by any other person. This communication of mails works on internet. You can also make a video call through this device to your loved ones.

Working of a smart mailbox device

Smart mailbox is a device that turns a normal mailbox into a device to be connected by internet thereby making the person alert via email as any new mail arrives so that he/she can reach the mailbox to receive the mail. This device is also having an OFF switch in it which is basically used when people go to collect their mails from the box.

How to connect your phone with the smart mailbox?

Smart mailboxes can only be connected in apple iPhones. To connect to your nearest smart mailbox device, you need to follow the following steps:

First of all open mail then go to mailbox and under it click on smart Mailbox. A pop up window will appear in front of you asking for the name of the smart mail box, give a proper name to your smart mailbox. Finally, click on Add. Hence, every message that will come will be listed in this new mailbox and you can collect it from the smart mailbox device near you.

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