Enhance Your Home with Timeless Wood

Have you ever noticed how every antique store seems to be filled with beautiful furniture made of cherry, walnut, or mahogany? When you think of a historical home, what’s the first material that comes to mind? It’s likely wood. This is because wood is long-lasting and has proven its reputation as a classic over time. From hardwood floors to wooden furniture or wall trim, there are many ways to incorporate this material into your home.

A natural element like wood can provide a timeless foundation for your design scheme, even if your preferences change over time! While patterns and colors can become dated, wood is versatile, and looks just as at home with minimal neutrals as it would with bright, textured elements. Wood can grow along with you. By updating the stain colors of the wood elements in your home, your décor will gain an entirely new feel.

Wood is as beautiful as it is durable, and lustrous hardwood floors are resistant to damage. While carpet has been the preferred style of years past, more and more homeowners are turning to hardwood floors to enhance their interior design vision. Although carpet provides a plush, luxurious feel, over time this floor covering can become dull, dingy, and retain dirt. Hardwood floors repel stains from spilled beverages or dirty shoes worn indoors. These floors are especially advantageous for pet owners, as not only will shed hairs not be held by fibers in carpet, but the floors will be resistant to scratches. While carpet can only be cleaned so effectively and so often, wood floors can be completely refinished to a brand-new appearance no matter when they were originally installed.

Investing in timeless, lasting hardwood floors can also increase the value of your home. That said, installing hardwood floors doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many guides on the internet to help homeowners enhance their living space by upgrading from their carpet.

Incorporating wood molding or trim elements to your walls adds style. For example, crown molding can create the illusion of higher ceilings and hide uneven edges where a painted wall meets the ceiling. Molding can also allow you to easily transition from one color or pattern to another within the same space, creating a dynamic effect.

No matter what your project, there are many different types of wood to choose from. From the domestic to the exotic, the humble to the dramatic, there is a species of wood to suit every taste and need. For example, Brazilian Walnut is very durable, and well-suited to areas like the entrance of a home. Teak is water resistant, and well-suited to damp areas like bathrooms, or kitchens. Many varieties of wood hold stains well, while others boast a natural beauty that requires no alteration.

Wood elements add timeless and enduring style to your home. From rustic country, to sleek and modern, to sumptuous elegance, no matter what interior design scheme you choose, natural wood elements can enhance your look with long-lasting quality.

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