Do’s And Don’ts Of Having A Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are convenient kitchen appliances. However, there are things that you should and should not do if you have a garbage disposal. A garbage disposal can easily break down if it is not properly cared for.


Keep the Garbage Disposal Clean

It is important to keep your garbage disposal clean. This will keep your garbage disposal functioning at its peak. You do not have to do a lot to clean your garbage disposal. You will simply need to put some dish soap in the garbage disposal and turn on the water. Let the garbage disposal and water run for about one minute. The dish soap will not only clean the garbage disposal, but it will also freshen it.

Let the Garbage Disposal run After You Have Finished Grinding

You should run the garbage disposal and water to run for two minutes after the disposal has finished grinding the material. This helps prevent the material from clogging the pipes.

Use Your Garbage Disposal on a Regular Basis

Using your garbage disposal regularly prevents it from corroding. It also helps prevent clogs.

Cut Large Items Into Smaller Ones

Putting large items in a garbage disposal can cause it to get clogged. That is why it is a good idea to cut the items up before you put them in the garbage disposal.

Use ice Cubes

Using ice cubes can also help you keep your garbage disposal clean. Put two to four ice cubes in the garbage disposal. Grind the cubes and let the water run. Allow the water to run for one minute after the cubes have finished grinding.


Put Large Amounts of Food in the Garbage Disposal at a Time

You should put a little bit of food in your garbage disposal at one time. One of the reasons that garbage disposals get clogged is because people try to put too much in at one time.

Grind Hard Materials

Cigarette butts, fruit pits and bones are examples of some of the things that you should not put in your garbage disposal. Hard materials can dull the blades. It can also cause your garbage disposal to break quickly. If you have put hard materials in your garbage disposal, and it is not functioning properly, then you will need to visit

Use hot Water

You should only use hot water while you are grinding materials. Hot water can cause oils to liquefy. This can cause the drains to clog.

Put Grease in the Garbage Disposal

Grease is one of the things that you should never put in your garbage disposal. Grease can easily clog the pipes. It is best to put grease in a can until it hardens. After that, you will need to put it in the trashcan.

Use Harsh Chemicals

Drain cleaners and bleach should not be used in your garbage disposal. They can damage the pipes and the garbage disposal. It is best to use dish soap. You can also use Borax, which is a natural sink cleaner.

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