Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Renovation to Double Your Home Value

Among the topmost suggested home improvements to increase your home value is renovating your kitchen. However, kitchen renovations are very expensive. It might hurt your finances that you start to think if it is even worth doing. However, according to an expert Mortgage Lender San Antonio, renovation is still the best way to double your home value.

Here is a list of do-it-yourself ideas to renovate your kitchen without burning your wallet.

Give it a dash of a wonderful backsplash.

You can never go wrong in upgrading your kitchen by renewing your backsplash. You can go classic by replacing your tiles with the vintage subway kind that never goes out of style. If you want a modern-day look, opt for the galaxy black tiles. They take away the tedious maintenance of cleaning every now and then.

Replace cabinet handles.

A simple yet effective way to upgrade your kitchen is by replacing all cabinet handles. Don’t underestimate the little details that the cabinet handles give away. By doing this, you can revive the lost luster of your kitchen and, it will also give it a new look. The handle replacement gives a bolder character and, of course, a new feel when using the kitchen.

Invest in buying a new faucet.

An innovative faucet will definitely add more shine to your kitchen. New kitchen faucets in the market are more functional now, in addition to its aesthetics. You can get help to install a new one. However, you can also choose to do it your own, as most faucet units now come with installation manuals. Just be careful and remember to shut off the water valves before you start the installation.

Add color.

Changing your kitchen’s atmosphere can be quite challenging but not impossible. You can achieve this by redoing the paint of your cabinet doors. You can either choose a subtle color that makes it easy to blend in the entire kitchen or different hues that pop to make it stand out.

It is best to use semi-gloss paints for the cabinetry. It is easy to wipe and clean, especially when it comes to grease. Semi-gloss paints also hold up to moisture nicely.

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Light up.

Does your kitchen feel gloomy? Change the lights into cool white or daylight. Remember that your kitchen’s main activity is cooking, so this area must be well-lit. If you plan to add some accents with the light, you can do so by putting pendant light over bar counters or island counters.

You can add a yellow strip lighting that produces more good vibes. Just be careful when dealing with electrical wires. It is always advisable to seek professional advice when doing such items.

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A Friendly Reminder

Your kitchen is always one of your proudest areas in the house. It is where a hearty meal is prepared for the family. Give the treatment it deserves by giving it an upgrade.

Regardless if you hire professionals or you will do a do-it-yourself, you will surely appreciate the effort you put into renovating your kitchen. To know more about how much your upgrade has added to your home value, seek consultation from an experienced Mortgage Lender San Antonio.

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