Directed lighting: Basic Tips to Get the Project Right

The main types of lighting have already been topic of the post here in the blog. We have seen that while general lighting has the function of making the environments clear and visible, it is the directed lighting to create cozy atmospheres or decorative effects.

So if the rooms in your house are bright and bright, but it still seems like a lack of style, betting on light-directed features can be a good request.

Directed Lighting: Task x Highlight

Although both are types of directed lighting, it is important not to confuse task lighting with highlight lighting.

The task lighting is one driven to provide visual comfort in certain activities, such as reading or meals. The highlight lighting emphasizes very specific points of architecture or decoration, such as a painting, a sculpture or even a curtain.

Tips for Spotlight

  • Pay attention to the aperture of the light beam and the power of the lamp you are going to use. It is these factors that will determine whether one or more objects will be illuminated;
  • In the case of frames, the light should not value the frame but the screen. This avoids the formation of inconvenient shadows;
  • The idea is to position the light point at a 30-degree angle in relation to the object to be highlighted.

Tips for Task Lighting

  • If the place of execution of the task is fixed, you can opt for pendants that direct the light to the necessary place;
  • If the room is flexible (for example, in the corner of the room that is usually modified), opt for floor or table lamps that can be easily moved;
  • Make sure that the distance between the light spot and the place of activity is not less than 50 cm.

Directed lighting with Economy

If before directed lighting was a feature that weighed on the light bill, today it is now possible to illuminate more economically. There are already on the market several products with LED technology for directed lighting, which consume less energy and have greater durability.

Final Words

Lighting is one décor of the home that is more important even with its uses. We must take into care the type of lighting we need at the different strategic points of our home, and also what needs they will solve. Mister Sparky Electricians MA are specialists who can set your mind at ease with this issue.

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