Different types of Home Foundation Repair

The work of giving your home a foundation repair requires both time and money. A good foundation system gracefully supports the weight of your home, the things in it and weight of people living in it. It should also be capable of protecting itself and people within it from extreme weather and flood. So before you sign the check, get the first-hand knowledge about the type of foundation repair work your home will go through. This will give you a fair idea about the types of pliers, method, time duration and money going to be involved. The different contemporary types of foundation repair are as follows:

  • Steel Piers

It is one of the most popular choices for home foundation repair. It is long lasting and creates fewer disturbances in surrounding. However to work with steel piers requires sound technical skill.

  • Helical piers

These are very versatile and mostly used for exterior and interior slab repair task. Whether it’s a new home or repairing the old one, these piers come handy in both.

  • Concrete pier

The use of these piers is most costly than all but the work done is permanent. It also disturbs the surroundings as there is a bulk dirt cleaning job after concrete pier repair.

  • High-density polyurethane foam

This pier is for people who want their home foundation repair job to be cost less and done in less time. With a good plumbing work it helps in clean, clear and long lasting slab-repair job.

  • Segmented Pier

New in the industry it can help to get a very low cost foundation repair to your home to give it a long life.

  • Spot pier

This is for lightly-loaded areas since it involves shallow hand-dug piers filled with concrete which works best especially for your house exterior.

Foundation selection is much of a technical task. It is advisable to consult a structure engineer before selecting the foundation or foundation repair work for your home. The type of foundation varies based on type of terrain, soil, weather condition and site of your home. The right design and desire will increase the life of your home and will protect your home in adverse weather conditions.

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