Corporate Housing

Corporate Housing can be difficult to arrange, so here are a few tips for employees who are involved in medium-term lets.

  • You should always see the apartment first. Better to know what you are getting into than get a nasty surprise on the day of moving.
  • Notify property managers of specific requests regarding furniture or cable. They will need to know these requests so they can make the necessary changes.
  • It’s unlikely that your employer has done this so make sure your cable and internet are up to date. Is there a wireless router? Is it high-speed? Is it a good package?
  • Look for amenities. Make sure the accommodation comes with premium amenities like a pool, fitness centre, parking, garage and housekeeping.
  • Tour the apartment first to make sure it feels like home. Is it comfortable? Do you feel cosy?
  • If you are in charge of the budget then make sure you get to see a number of different apartments for your money. They should present a range of pricing options in order to accommodate you.
  • Make sure your property manager shows you different properties because you might be bringing your dog with you, or you may have young children, you may be planning to host business meetings in your furnished apartment. You have many different needs.
  • Ensure that your housing provider is knowledgeable about the area you are considering. They should be able to tell you where all the important things are located for example, fruit and veg shops, restaurants, theatres and shopping centers. Additionally, you may also need to know where the post office, police station and fire station are situated.
  • The housing provider should also be able to inform you about the community. They should be able to tell you about local events, average noise level and traffic level. This way you are fully warned before you sign into anything.
  • Asking questions before you sign anything is paramount. Is there high-speed internet? Can my dog stay here? Is there housekeeping? Are cleaning services available? All of these questions will show you are on the ball and will not be taken for an idiot.
  • Have a plan for your belongings. You must be thinking what am I going to do with my things? Many corporate housing options are fully furnished and don’t require you to bring anything with you. You’ll have to make sure you have a good storage space for all your things. A plan like this is better to have early on and then you’ll fell more organized.
  • Don’t forget your pets. Not every short term rental allows pets so the more questions you ask the better. You may find a place with restrictions on pets so you will need to find out what these restrictions are. Maybe its related to height and breeding. Does your pet fit into that category?

Following these simple and effective tips will make your life a whole lot easier whilst looking for corporate accommodation.

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