Conducting a Solar Site Assessment Seattle

It is true that solar power systems present their owners with electricity supply that will cost next to nothing in the long run. However, for you to be able to reap the full benefits of your solar power system and not incur unnecessary costs, a thorough solar site assessment Seattle must first be conducted.

What is a Solar Site Assessment?

This is basically an inspection of the proposed location where one desires to install a solar power unit. In the course of a solar site assessment Seattle, a professional assessor is invited to the desired location of installation, and the following issues are addressed:

  • Best Location: A solar site assessor is expected to determine the best position for the solar panels to be mounted. This position is supposed to provide enough exposure to sunlight and minimal shading. The assessor will carry out a complete shading analysis and use tools such as solar pathfinder on the site in order to determine the most optimal position both now and in the possible future.
  • Mounting Options: A thoroughly carried out solar site assessment helps an assessor determine the type of solar power system installation that is best for the home. This could be a rooftop installation; a facility mounted on the ground or one stationed on a pole.
  • Use of Energy: Assessing a solar site also means that the energy consumption rate and pattern of the household be studied. This provides the assessor with information regarding the average amount of power that is consumed within the household. The assessor is then in a better position to suggest a solar power system that will best meet their power needs.
  • Future Costs and Benefits: A solar site assessment should also provide homeowners with a likely forecast of the cost that they might incur as they continue to use the solar power system. This could be future maintenance cost or cost arising from shading.

An assessor also tries to accurately determine when a power system would start to help a household save money after the initial cost of it purchase and installation must have been covered.

A solar site assessment also provides questions to other answers such as

  • What cables, conductors, breakers and fuses are best for a household?
  • How best can the wiring be done both inside and outside the house?
  • Is there any sort of financial incentive that is provided either locally or by the federal government to those using a solar power system?

Carrying out a solar site assessment Seattle is critical to the continued optimal operation of your solar power system. However you and the assessor are supposed to work closely so that the right decisions are made.

The assessor takes into account your need for a solar power system, your expectations from it, your budget and then comes up with suggestions and recommendations on how best to go about the purchase and installation of your solar power unit.

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