Complete insight to shower faucet

Showers can be your best friend; after a long tiring day they will help you get freshen-up and they will keep your soul relax. Before you choose the bathroom faucet, you have to understand all the basic factors like type of use and your budget.

Shower faucets are available in both single and double lever. Single lever faucet is the most common type of faucet that you can use. They are very easy to use and temperature can be easily controlled in this. Double lever faucet is used to give a traditional look to the bathroom. Nowadays, you also get led waterfall faucet in which you can change the light colors according to your mood.

Different steps to determine the shower faucet type-

Step 1– before you choose the shower faucet, determine the numbers of handles. Always remember that if there is no handle in the shower faucet, then it is panel shower.

Step 2 – behind the center trim plate look after the manufacturer’s name. It will help you in easy installation of shower faucets. Above the faucet handle you will find shower head, it will help you in determining the plumbing service type.

Few important things to consider while purchasing shower faucet-

Type of material– there are numbers of materials that are used in faucet. Solid brass material will give you the most durable type of faucet. These faucet are considered the most expensive to install.  You can also get different affordable faucets, which are made up of iron and aluminum. These are considered the most cost effective type of shower faucet.

Faucet controls– the temperature control is the most essential element in shower faucet. Single handle shower faucet will give you the most comfortable option in changing the water temperature. You can also go for those faucet which uses digital panel to control the temperature.

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