Common Window Installation Problems – Why It Isn’t A DIY Job

As a homeowner, completing small jobs around your home makes you feel accomplished. Taking care of your home is a sense of pride and independence. While taking care of your home makes you feel great about your skills, not all tasks around your home qualify as do-it-yourself projects and replacing your windows is one of the tasks you should leave to the professionals. If you are looking forward to window installation Indianapolis IN, make sure to hire a qualified professional. 

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Small Mistakes can Be Costly 

Window installation is not a forgiving home task. A small mistake can become extremely expensive. There are several small mistakes that can be made by amateur during installation and the entire window can become broken and useless. If this happens, not only do you need to purchase a new window, the warranty on the unusable window is voided because it was not being installed by a licensed professional. 

You May Unintentionally Cause Serious Damage 

There are several things that can go wrong when you are installing a window. There is very little room to work in, and it is easy to cause serious damage to your home. Not only will this damage need to be repaired by a professional, it will be very costly, even more so than hiring a window installation specialist. 

You May Create a Poor Fit and Problems Opening and Closing 

When windows are measured for replacement, it must be done very carefully and with knowledge of how a replacement window will fit, and how the replacement window will be different. If a window is not properly measured and fitted, you will be able to see the poor fit not matter how you trim the window out, and so can anyone else that sees it. 

Difficulties opening, and closing, your window may not be immediately evident. However, if you install the windows during colder seasons when you don’t open your windows, you may not notice until the weather begins to warm up the following season. 

Potential for Cracks to Develop 

Even new windows can develop cracks if they are not installed right. This can happen even if a professional oversees installing them and makes a minor mistake. Even if there isn’t a mistake made during the installation process, simply maneuvering the frame the wrong way can shift the glass and crack the glazing. 

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If you are installing the windows yourself the store may not honor the return policy since most warranties only cover damage done when they are installed by professionals. If you had a professional install the window or frame that has become cracked, their service contract and insurance should cover a replacement window and installation of a new window. 

There are several reasons that window installation should not be a DIY project. As you can see, both the window glass and the window frame are fragile. Most window manufacturers include installation method restrictions in their warranty. Most of these manufacturer warranties state clearly that for the warranty to be valid, the window must be installed by a licensed professional. Taking on window installation as a DIY project might not only cause unnecessary damage to the window and your home, it can void the valuable warranty you have invested your hard-earned money on.

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