Common Plumbing Myths You Should Know

We often fail to pay a lot of attention towards plumbing in our houses. We reach out to a plumber after the situation has already worsened.

We come across so many myths in our lifetime, but most of these are not really true. We don’t even know the origin of these. Here is a list of few plumbing myths that have been going for quite a long time:

Preventive Maintenance is a Waste

Most of the homeowners feel that investing in preventive maintenance services is a waste of money as well as time.

But, not investing in one such thing can create a lot of problems for you. These regular services are essential to make sure that you have no leakage, draining problems or any other plumbing problem.

Regular maintenance will keep the pipes and drains working for a very long time.

It is Okay to Have a Dripping Faucet

Most of us tend to ignore a dripping faucet. We feel that it is okay for a faucet to leak.

But, the leaky faucet can be an indication for some serious underlying issue. Ignoring this can even cause a subsequent rise in your water bills.

You must not believe in this myth and contact a plumber as soon as possible. A dripping faucet is also an indication that your faucet is not installed properly.

If anything is dripping in your house, it is definitely an indication of some problem.

If it’s Working, It’s absolutely fine

We tend to ignore a lot of things in our houses. We believe that it is completely okay for a shower to flow slowly. We sometimes need to jiggle a handle to get water out. But, if you feel it is totally okay, then you are absolutely wrong!

These issues are a symptom of something serious. You must get it checked before it stops working completely.

If your drains are slow and water flow is slower than usual, it’s time to get help.

All of our faucets and showers are extremely delicate, and they eventually get harmed by build up and use.

A Wire Hanger Can Work as a Plumbing Snake

This is one of the most dangerous myths to believe. Using a hanger as plumbing snake can cause serious problems in the drain.

A hanger will scratch the surface of the drain. This will certainly ruin the draining condition. You might get rid of the particles initially, but this will cause long-term issue.

Instead of using a hanger as a snake, you should buy a plumbing snake. Contact a professional plumbing company for routine maintenance services.

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