Commercial VS Residental Painters or Decorators

Sometimes we just need something new in our lives. Giving another life to an old room, decorating a new flat or painting a house which has just been built – all of these things are quite familiar to us. Today we are going to talk about commercial and residential painters or decorators and their roles in painting and decorating our property.

Who are painters and decorators?

People who decorate your buildings, yet stay neat and creative – that’s who painters are. They measure everything, so that you won’t have to deal with consequent problems in the future. Nowadays, you don’t even have to worry about hiring someone – a few clicks and you are already on a website of a commercial painting company.

How are CD and RD different from each other?

First of all, residential decorators work in private residences – houses, apartments. They pay more attention to human interaction – small talks with clients, finer details etc. Painters who work in industrial painting companies deal with such things as, home painting, outdoor house paint, industrial tank painting etc. Other than that, floor painting contractors, tank painting contractors and local painting contractors in general earn enough money to be both completely satisfied with their job.

Commercial decorators are usually hired by businesses to paint commercial premises like warehouses, offices, research units, laboratories, educational establishments, galleries, banks and so on. These painters pay more attention to efficiency and safety, which is, surely, always necessary. Commercial painters use special materials such as antibacterial and antimicrobial paint (for example, while painting hospitals) etc. Moreover, they often have higher public liability insurance and focus on following client’s safety measures.

CD and RD in our company

Our company provides people with safe, affordable and high-quality painting. Whether it is apartment painting, interior industrial wall, industrial spray paint, painting quotes, warehouse paint, inside house paint, home outside paint or trim paint, we will make sure to do the best we can and do not disappoint you.

Nowadays, a price to paint a house is something people worry about too much. That is why we help our clients save money, yet work with durable and high-class materials that will prevent you from paying someone to do all the work again. Our clients don’t need to come up with interior paint ideas or exterior paint ideas – we already have them and can offer you an unbelievably good service without you planning everything and thinking about money.


All in all, before hiring someone to decorate your house, you should reconsider their company and check if their materials are good enough and so on. But we have a better decision for you – why don’t you just choose us and don’t worry about these things at all?

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