Classic Ceramic: Brilliant Bargain for Achieving Luxury Bathrooms

Homeowners looking to turn the look of their bathrooms from the ordinary into something luxurious sometimes think that their only option is to use marble or some other potentially expensive material to achieve that goal, but ceramic tile provides a bargain way to get the same style.

Ceramic tile has a huge number of benefits over some types of natural stone or other products because it’s comparatively cheap to buy, and available in a massive range of designs that can mimic almost anything imaginable. It’s also a very durable material that will resist damage such as stains from water or other spills, and is simple to clean with some soap and warm water.

One way that designers are using ceramic tile to achieve a luxurious-looking bathroom is through the use of mosaics, where dozens of the same tile are lined up next to each other. This works greats to cover shower surrounds, nooks, or even entire walls to elevate the appearance of any bathroom.

Consider covering the wall behind the bathroom sink and mirror with white subway tile, so named because it takes after the famous large plain rectangular tiles used to line the walls of subways in the early 20th century. This creates a warm, inviting look that works well with just about style of fixture or fitting, but matches nicely with darker wooden bathroom cabinets.

Another way to take advantage of the beauty of subway tile is on a smaller scale, using gray-colored tile to line the walls of a bathtub or shower. Although it’s a more compact display than covering an entire wall, it’ll still create a stylish enhancement to any bathroom large or small.

Or try a more adventurous design of ceramic tile with a mosaic using a herringbone pattern where the white tiles are arranged in a zig-zag manner to resemble the bones of a fish. The slightly raised pattern gives the tiles a three-dimensional look and feel to make any wall stand out.

Then again, one of the perks of ceramic tile is that it can be produced in a huge range of colors, and that’s true for subway ceramic tile. For a more colorful approach than white or gray, consider using a medium shade of brown with a glazed finish. This will give the subway tile a smooth, beautiful overall appearance that would fit right in at the most expensive of homes.

Another exciting style to use is ceramic tile produced in the shape of diamonds and shaded in a medium gray color. A good way to show off these tiles is to cover the wall of a bathroom or a bathtub or shower surround with the tiles, placing smaller white square ceramic tiles in-between. This creates a gorgeous mosaic that will enhance the overall image of any bathroom.

Above are five examples of the many ways that ceramic tile can be used to project a classy, luxurious look in any bathroom at a price that can be much cheaper than marble or other materials –andevenbetter, it’s a method that can also be used in the kitchen and other rooms.

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