Choosing the Best Couch & Bed Throws for your Home

Bed throws can add both warmth and elegance to your bedroom. They are available in a wide range of sizes, but are mostly smaller compared to blankets. They look elegant draped across the bed, or on the headboard or footboard. They are also available in a wide range of materials, ranging from cotton to wool to faux fur to cashmere. They can also feature different patterns such as floral, stripes or geometric prints. A couch or bed throw can enhance the overall vibe of your bedroom, especially when it contributes to the bedroom’s overall decor.

Basics of Bed Throws

This guide explains how to go about selecting the best bed or couch throws for your bedroom. The choice of the right throw can turn even the simplest of bedding into a more inviting space. All you have to do is to fold it across the length and drape it on the end of the bed.

  • Throws are made of a wide range of materials. You can also find them in a variety of sizes.
  • You can instantly change your room’s looks with a coloured, patterned or two-sided throw. Place a larger throw on the bed, and it can have a bigger impact.
  • An appealing throw can help make your bed look cleaner. When complemented with matching pillows, throw rugs can make your bed a more comfortable place.
  • A two-sided throw having one plain side can help balance the looks of your coloured and patterned bed. All you have to do is to lay it on the bed keeping the plain side up.

Both bed and couch throws need regular cleaning. So look for ones which are machine-washable. They should also be durable to last longer even when laundered regularly.

Practical Uses

Once you have chosen the basic bedding elements, adding the right throws can help give accents to your bed. Look for accents that do more than complementing the decor. They should also serve some practical purpose. These extra sheets can go over the blankets and provide some additional warmth. Available in a wide range of sizes, they can be placed in a way that they seem like bed runners.

From a practical aspect, a bed throw is there to provide extra warmth. They make ideal additions to your couch and bed, especially if you have colder winters. If you have a king sized bed, adding throw rugs can help double the blanket. Many people like to spend time on their bed reading or enjoying their coffee. A throw works as an ideal small blanket when you are seated on your bed. In fact, you can use it in different ways.

Decor Element

As a decor element, throws can be folded in so many elegant ways. You can also place them in different parts of the bed. Usually, it is placed at the foot or the centre of the bed. You may also fold it into attractive shapes and place at the centre. They work best as accents when they feature contrasting colours against the bedding’s colour scheme. In fact, you can create a striking effect using this scheme. If you have a king size bed with bedding in light shades, place a throw in deep brown. Your large bed will suddenly start feeling cosier and more inviting.

You can also choose printed throw rugs and create a contrasting effect against plain beddings. Then you can also match the fabrics and prints to create a complementing effect. If you choose a luxurious throw, don’t fold it. Leave it looking messy. You can just drape it over the bed or couch and let it play its magic.

Choosing Your Bed Throws

When it comes to choosing your throws, it is recommended to select something that matches or contrasts your bedding’s theme. So if your beddings feature light colours, choose the throw in darker, contrasting colours. Similarly, you can also play with plains and prints. The style you choose will eventually depend on your preferences because eventually it will be you who spends time in the bedroom.

Choice of Material

The following are the common materials used for making throw rugs:

  • Cotton: One of the main reasons you should choose cotton is because it is breathable. Cotton is also soft, durable and lasts longer. It is also available in a variety of colours and prints. So you can always choose a style to create a matching or contrasting effect against the bedroom’s decor. High quality cotton can be exceptionally soft and comfortable.
  • Wool: This fabric is recommended if you have cold winter months. In fact, you can have woollen bed and couch throws that can be used in the winter and some other fabrics that can be used for the rest of the year. Wool is heavy and doesn’t have the breathability of cotton.
  • Tencel: Throws made of tencel are perfect for summers. In fact, you can also choose this material for your summer blankets. It has many properties similar to linen and cotton. Tencel is made from wood pulp. Just like cotton, it helps in drawing moisture away and thus helps you feel cooler even when humidity is high. Tencel has high resistance to wrinkles and is soft to the skin.

Another advantage of choosing tencel bed throws is that the fabric requires minimal maintenance. You can machine wash it and even iron it.

A light throw can be a great addition to any bed. If you have the bed sheets in softer colours, you can create a stunning effect by choosing a throw in brighter colours. Premium quality throws made of linen or high quality cotton can add a feeling of luxury. Your bed or couch will become more inviting and a great place for your family to spend some great time together. Adding a high quality, elegant throw rug to your couch or bed can be an effective way to add a different element of colour to your room’s decor. Make sure to consider the above-mentioned points when choosing the best throws for your home.

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