Child’s Room Design

There’s never been a better time to decorate a kids room.It’s a real opportunity get away with mixing up different colors and a variety of paints with other creative tools like stencils and stickers. The best part of decorating a kids room is thatyou can involve your children in making these awesome changes totheir living space, while they get to experiment with actually decorating at the same time!

Lets take a look at some cool ideas for a child’s room:

Furniture –One cool thing you can do is make a playful zone out of a bookcase.Pick out some nice bright colors that your kid likes and add other ideas like doors cut out to make it look like a castle. You can also add cool textured materials to add a nice creative effect. If you feel like your child is no longer interested in the design, you can simply take out the new materials you placed in the bookcase and restore its original look. Other cool options for this design is to use colorful building blocks that can entertain your child.

Wall Decoration– Your child’s wall is essentially a big canvas. The cheapest way to go about decorating your child’s room’s walls is to use different colours of paints to create a beautiful mandala effect. You can use all sorts of techniques, including different shapes, textures of paint, hand prints and so on. You can make a cool mural effect if you choose to do so. Pick a bright color base and use accent decorations and paints to get a nice effect.

Ceiling Design –Glowing paint and decorations are brilliant ideas for designing a kid’s room ceiling. At Lux Trim Interior Design, we work with unique wallpapers and mouldings, combined with bright LED lights that can entertain your kid and make them comfortable when they are in bed gazing up at the ceiling.

Doors –One cool thing you can do is use textured letters that spell out your child’s name and paste them onto the front of their door. You can even match the color of the door with the color scheme that you used in the room to make a themed look. You can pick up goofy door hardware and handles that represent their favourite television characters or superheroes. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can accomplism.

Shelves –Shelves are a great and cheap way to declutter and stylize a room. You can use the same techniques mentioned before, including stencils and stickers to design these shelves and give them texture. Shelves are also a great option for bordering a window to eliminate the need for window finishings.

Accessories –You can use big cork displays where the child can play with tacks and create their own imaginative art. Having these boards set up removes the need for fixing the walls from damage that otherwise would be caused by tacks and other sharp materials.Wooden frames can also be used as accents for your childs room.

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