Awesome Home Improvement Ideas for Your Next Renovation

Whether you’re a DIYer or you prefer a professional touch, home improvement is at the top of many people’s list this year! Refreshing your home before a big sell, or to give it that new home feel without the cost of a new home, is a great way to add value and have fun while doing it. 

Barn Doors.

Barn doors are gaining in popularity, and it’s no surprise why. These beautiful sliding doors not only add a chic look, they can help to optimize space due to the fact that they slide rather than open out. You can view more barn doors here, where they have a wide selection of both modern and classic barn door styles. 

Open Up the Walls. 

Nothing gives your home more value than wide open spaces. Open concept homes are all the rage, and they can make your home feel more comfortable. The cost of opening up walls will depend on where you live. There are several online calculators, including this one, to help give you an idea of how much it’ll cost you to open up your walls. 

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Replace Your Carpet. 

Carpet is typically seen as outdated and unsanitary. In fact, it made the Forbes list of what not to do. By getting rid of your carpet and refinishing the wood flooring or adding tiles, you can help to eliminate allergy problems, as well as add tons of value to your home. 

Add New Fixtures. 

This is a great way to update your home’s look without breaking your budget. Simply by updating small things like your light fixtures, sink fixtures, door knobs and other small fixtures, you can change your whole home’s look. Going with nice but neutral fixtures is better if you’re planning on selling, but if you’re just revamping your home for pleasure, this is a great way to add pops of touches and unique flair throughout your home! 

Add Plenty of Storage Space.

Buyers are wanting homes with storage space. It’s an increasingly popular feature, and it can make a home sell fast. But it’s also great if you plan on staying in your home. It can help you get organized, free up space, and add tons of value to your house. The AARP even listed storage space as one of the quickest ways to sell your home! This can include anything from large walk-in closets to a one or two car garage, shelving to furniture with storage compartments. 

Light up the Night the Right Way.

Adding recessed lighting in hallways and basements are a great way to provide soft, dim lighting at night. It’s better than bulky nightlights and can add a touch of ease and elegance to even the most over-looked areas of your home. These lights can be installed near the floor for an even softer look. 

Regardless of if you’re wanting to improve your home’s value before you sell, or if you’re just wanting to update your home’s look, investing in these upgrades is a smart idea.


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