Are Fiberglass Doors Better Than Wooden Doors?

The first thing you should know about fiberglass door is that they are environment-friendly. Secondly, fiberglass doors have many advantages compared to the traditional doors. You can make a fiberglass door look like a wooden door,and the fiberglass door would exactly look like a wooden door, no one can differentiate.

Fiberglass doors are tougher than wooden doors,and they show better results with climate changes. You can also customize them as per your need. Some companies such as doors fiberglass by EcoChoice are made such that they contain no CFC’s. Therefore your product will be environmentally friendly.

 Benefits of using Fiberglass Door

Metal and wooden doors are cheap, no doubt about it, and fabric doors are costlier than them, but if you compare on a long-run, you will see that the benefits of fiberglass doors supersede both the metal and wooden doors. Fiberglass doors won’t get scratches, peels or warps so easily.

Let’s look at some benefits of fiberglass doors:

  • They are stronger than vinyl doors.
  • They are available in different styles and colors.
  • They can be customized as per your required size.
  • They need nil to very less maintenance.
  • They will not buckle.
  • They have finished asreal wood; you can’t distinguish between both.
  • They don’t get dented.
  • The can be easily painted.
  • They are filled with insulated foam; their insulating property is five times more than wooden doors.

What will be the cost of fiberglass doors?

The cost of fiberglass doors will vary and will depend on the finishing of the door and the process of installation. You should know that regular sealing and staining is required, which will add to your overall pricing of the door.

Factors that will affect the pricing of a fiberglass door are as follows:

  • Shape and size of the door
  • Appearance
  • Paint
  • Finishing options (alternate, if any)
  • Resistance, if used in the door
  • Protection from weather
  • Hardware and detailing of the door

Doors can’t just be installed, it will be installed on a frame or something, so the total cost of the door will depend on the cost of the frame too on which it is going to be installed. The frame may cost same additional cost of the fiberglass door if made with the same materials as the door. The installation price will be almost the same as the wooden door. A field estimation is the best way to find the total price that you need to invest in putting on a fiberglass door.

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