Affordable homes in Dubai – Damac Fiora

Dubai is synonymous with wealth, with glamour, with a larger than life image. The entire world is in Dubai, literally. Tall skyscrapers, sky kissing structures, big glamorous malls, plush apartments, dream villas, lavish pent houses – you will find the best real estate in the entire world out here. Dubai real estate and Dubai properties are some of the most sought after dream homes for buyers and for property investors across the globe. Many rich buyers and investors invest heavily in Dubai’s real estate industry and the amounts of investments are very huge ranging in millions of Dirhams.

Many real estate investors including Chinese, Arab, Indian, European and Americans invest in high end Dubai real estate that is traditionally very expensive.  So essentially Dubai real estate as the history goes has always been about high end properties that are expensive and targeted at the affluent set of real estate buyers especially the expatriate population. Therefore we see that a lot of celebrities from the Asian and European continent buy their dream homes in Dubai.

Most of the real estate developers in Dubai like Emaar, Damac Properties, Azizi Developers, Sobha Developers, Dubai properties and many others have been focusing their energies on developing big ticket properties that includes Villas, mansions and spacious apartments.

However as Dubai is growing economically and expanding in terms of reach and business there are many job opportunities that have been created here and that includes white collared as well as blue collared jobs. There is a growing middles class population in Dubai that is need of good quality homes at affordable prices and this is a segment in the Dubai real estate industry that has a huge potential by virtue of this growing demand. Many Dubai real estate developers have realized this fact and are now gearing up their plans towards building affordable homes in Dubai.

The latest project that will appeal to middles class investors in Dubai who are looking for good yet affordable housing in Dubai is a project called FIORA at Golf Verde by Damac properties. This is a superb pre launch by Damac Properties and comprises of various configurations including 1 Bedroom homes.

The starting price in this project is a mere 399000 AED and Fiora is definitely an affordable housing option in Dubai for all the Dubai property buyers who have been waiting for a good opportunity.

Damac Fiora at Golf Verde has been planned to have two elegantly designed residential towers that are going to be connected through a huge and extravagant podium. The podium is going to be adorned by a mesmerizing and modern beautiful swimming pool and a fantastic running track. The beautiful towers have great edifices, are contemporary, designed with class and have spacious balconies that have been created with beautiful glass so that the home owner can enjoy natural sunlight as well natural ventilation throughout the day.

The apartments have been designed with one a few vital aspects in mind. They will be bright, airy and also flexible in terms of the customizations that you plan to do as per your fancy ideas. They have been designed to keep the space usage to its optimum and to ensure that the entire family can enjoy the great life together at Fiora Golf Verde.

This beautiful yet affordable Dubai property called FIORA is located at Dubailand, Dubai and is very close to Jebel Ali Road, Al Qudra Road & Emirates Road. It is very well connected to all the major hotspots in Dubai that includes Hamdan Sports Complex, Aviation World, Outlet Mall, Al Sahra Resort & The Desert Ranch.

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