A Detailed Guide To Chandelier Crystals To Help You Select One Better


Chandeliers are those mighty masterpieces that add gold to the elegance and grace to the space you live in. In old days, they were simply made out of wood and iron which used to hold candles. The word Chandelier itself is derived from a French word meaning ‘candleholder’. Now the times are changing—these chandeliers now hold all kinds of lighting fixtures. Chandeliers are intricately adorned with crystals, glass, stones and what not which makes it the most beautiful component of home décor.

This article enlists the types of crystals used to decorate the chandelier in no time. These crystals mainly contain lead oxide in them. There are three types of the same. They are as follows:

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  1. Crystalline: Crystalline is typically glass which contains 6 to 10 percent lead oxide, though researchers believe that clear glass with any amount of lead oxide in it, is fit to be called crystal.
  2. Half lead designation: Half Lead designation means that the glass contains 24 to 30 percent lead oxide and last but not the least.
  3. Full lead crystal: Full lead crystal is any glass that contains more than 30 percent lead oxide.

Methods to Craft Crystals

There are typically three methods to craft crystals. They are as follows:

  1. Machine cut: Machine cut crystals produce sharp appearance, intricate polishing and visual purity.
  2. Hand cut crystals: Sometimes they are produced with a conventional procedure that uses iron and sandstone wheels for cutting, then being polished on a wooden wheel which contains marble dust on it. But these crystals are also produced by a modern method. For example, Czech, Heritage, Regal, Crystalique and Turkish crystals etc.
  3. Hand blown crystals: These crystals are produced by artisans not by cutting them but the crystals are instead hand-blown. These crystals are one of the rarest masterpieces in the world. For example, Venetian and Murano crystals. Also, check out this hand blown glass chandelier from Premiere Luminaire.

Types of Crystals

  • Rock crystals
  • Colored crystals
  • Venetian and Murano crystals
  • Egyptian or Gemcut crystals
  • Swarovski crystals
  • K9 crystals

Chandelier Crystal Cuts

The way the crystal is formulated after being produced from the methods above it is called pendalogues or pendeloques. Some common cuts of pendeloques or pendalogues are octagon, icicle, spear, rosette, square stone, Swedish drop, kite, hexagonal pattern, baguette, finial, cut ball, French.

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