9 Very Creative Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas

For most homes, the front porch is one of the first things guests and passersby see before they can enter the home itself. Some homeowners choose to leave the space bare as a way to minimize clutter, but others prefer to add small touches to give their small front porch some life and personality.

The struggle many homeowners face is finding small front porch decorating ideas that they can apply to their limited space. Don’t worry, here are some great ideas you can try for your small front porch that won’t disappoint!

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#1: Add Some Greenery

Just because you live in the city where space is limited doesn’t mean you can’t have a small garden on your front porch. Add some potted flowers using repainted buckets and cans and splurge a bit on a tiered planter. This small splash of green will surely make your front porch come to life!

#2: Change With The Seasons

Get creative by changing your front porch decor as the season changes. Go with the color-scheme perfect for each passing season and your porch will always look welcoming and stylish all year long.

#3: Add A Welcoming Sign

A simple welcome sign on your front porch barely takes up any room, but it sure does make your place look at least 10 times more inviting. To save some money, you can recycle some wooden planks and paint the sign yourself. This will look rustic yet adorably homey at the same time.

#4: Sprinkle Some Patriotism

There is nothing more patriotic than placing the American flag on your front porch. It is a simple decorative choice, but it makes a big difference!

#5: Outdoor Seating

Sometimes it’s nice to just sit and relax while watching the rest of the neighborhood go through their daily routine. The best place to do this is on your front porch! Add a nice chair on the porch, decorate it with some throw pillows and maybe even add a small table to match the seats. It’s the perfect spot for people watching while enjoying a cool and refreshing drink.

#6: Lights!

Lights can do so much for your small porch than simply add lighting, with the right designs they can be simple yet effective small front porch decorating ideas. Choose lights that match your exterior aesthetics and you’ll never have to worry about adding anything else to your porch!

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#7: A Relaxing Hammock

Sit back, relax, and forget about your worries for a couple of minutes while swaying back and forth on your front porch hammock. It’s the perfect addition to any home that wants to give off a relaxing vibe all year round.

#8: Hanging Plants

If you’re concerned about taking up too much floor space on your small porch, you can always opt for hanging plants as decorations. They give a pop of color without taking up any of the limited walking space. It’s a win-win decorating idea for small spaces.

#9: Friendly Reminders

Aside from placing a welcome sign on your front porch, you can also add some friendly reminders by creating signboards. Things like “shoes off” at the porch will remind people to leave their shoes behind before stepping into your home.

There are tons more ideas for decorating a front porch, you just need a little creativity. Shop around flea markets to find the best deals and even more inspiration. Your porch will never look dull and dreary ever again!
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