9 Signs That Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

If you think that you’re a long way away from needing duct cleaning services, think again. There are signs early on that you might not notice. With the resources below, make sure that your air ducts that need cleaning are cleaned on time before things get worse.

  1. Change in Odor

The biggest tell that your air ducts need cleaning is the change in odor. What odor you smell isn’t particularly important. However, if you begin to notice a change, even minor, in odor, then you should get your air ducts cleaned as soon as possible.

  1. Accumulating Dust

Your air ducts, at any circumstance, shouldn’t make it obvious that dust is accumulating. When it does, then there’s a high probability that there is already a buildup inside so the dust is getting trapped from the exterior. Make sure that it is cleaned immediately.

  1. Debris Becoming More Visible

Just like dust, debris shouldn’t be visible from your air ducts. A good sign that you need duct cleaning services is that the debris is becoming more and more visible. Your air ducts can only handle so much debris before you need to hire the pros to have them cleaned.

  1. Airflow is Uneven

Has the airflow of your air ducts become uneven? If you notice that there are some rooms where the air flow seems to be much more different, whether better or worse, you should take note of this occurrence because that could mean you need to get duct cleaning services.

  1. Never Been Cleaned

Have you ever gotten your air ducts cleaned? If not, you should. If you have no records of the interiors of your air ducts being cleaned, make sure that you do get it cleaned as soon as it is possible. The thick layer of dust has probably built up inside.

  1. Suffering Respiratory System

You may be sneezing more than you used to or you’ve noticed that people in the workplace have begun coughing a lot. If your respiratory system is suffering, then the air ducts are probably at their very worst condition.

  1. Pests in the Air Ducts

If you see just one insect roaming about near the air ducts, there’s a chance that there’s already a gathering of pests inside of it. Get your air ducts inspected for any droppings which may become contaminants that could affect the health of everyone.

  1. Mold Growth

Mold growth is very noticeable when you have air ducts. However, there are setups which may hide the instances of mold growth more than others. When you get your air ducts checked, the pros will inform you if there is already mold growth.

  1. Poor Performance

If the air ducts are performing poorly overall, you should get them cleaned. The HVAC is probably pushing through more than it should which could rack up your electricity bill at the end of the month if you skip out on getting the air ducts cleaned.

Depending on the quality of air and contamination, air duct cleaning must be done every 3 to 5 years. Contact JCS Home Services today and avail of our affordable duct cleaning services.

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