8 Fantastic Ideas to Turn Your Front Yard into a Magical Land

First impression is the last impression. Very true! The first impression about you and your home is created by your front yard.

If you have an amazing front yard landscape, not only your guests are impressed but you and your family also feel pleasant while entering the home.

Here are some fantastic ideas for functional and attractive front yard landscapes.

1. Amp up Your Walkway

If the walkway that takes you and your guests to your house is pleasant, it creates a great impression and relaxes you with its beauty.

Make it a stylish statement by bordering it with easy-to-maintain plants like boxwood and hosta. You can conjure it up even more by making the path slightly curved which will create a gentle and soft look.

Use an interesting material to make the walk towards your front door even more charming. Instead of traditional cement, choose flagstone, bricks and pavers.

2. Flower it Up

One of the most surefire ways to make your front yard welcoming is to plant colourful bloomers. Choose flowers with bright, bold colours that can create a great impact even though they are standing in a small space.

Don’t forget to check the rules of your municipality about planting on the parking strip (the strip between the sidewalk and the street). Some areas may have restrictions on how tall plants should be or how far your plants should be from a fire hydrant.

3. Have Spaces for Amusement

A garden with every inch covered with plants is certainly not welcoming; moreover, it makes it difficult to maintain by preventing you from accessing each plant.

So, there should be ample open spaces in your front yard like a patio where you can unwind after the hectic day, sip tea or coffee and have a laidback chat with your neighbours.

You can have flowers or a small hedge around your patio to make it a bit enclosed and intimate but without creating an unfriendly barrier.

4. Decorate Slopes

Grassy slopes can be difficult to maintain. You can overcome this difficulty by transforming your front yard hillside into a lovely display of your favourite plants and make it easy to maintain.

Have a great mix of grasses, groundcovers, annuals, perennials and evergreens with the help of https://amico.com.au/gardeners-coogee/ to have anenchanting display all year round.

Image Courtesy: amico.com.au

5. Listen to the Nature

Listen to the call of the wild while choosing greenery and colours for your front yard. Choose plants and other landscape elements native to your area.

Won’t you and your guests love to see colourful birds and butterflies flying throughout your front yard along with the lush greenery and colourful flowers?

Another best idea is to install a bird feeder or bird bath in the yard and that will attract even more birds.

Birds, butterflies and other wildlife will not only make your front yard look amazing and colourful, but also help your garden thrive with their incredible pollinating abilities.

6. Form a Shield

Choose a small area of the front yard and pack it with medium-size plants to prevent street noises from entering your home.

If your yard has a variety of plants, it looks larger and offers your eyes more colours, textures and shapes.

7. Create a Container Garden

With a container garden, you can create a riot of colours even if your front yard is paved. A few large containers with brightly coloured or fragrant flowers will turn your front yard into an artwork.

Containers like the ones you can get at professional gardeners Paddington such as Amico can be easier to maintain if you install a basic drip-irrigation system.

8. Have a Mix of Artificial and Natural Elements

Artificial and natural garden elements can be cleverly mixed to give your front yard an amazing look. E.g. you can place rocks near the path and have flower shrubs like Pieris, rhododendrons and azalea, and groundcovers like pachysandra around it and they will soften the rock’s look.

Turn your front yard into a magical land with these ideas and you will feel proud each time while entering your home and welcoming your guests.

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